Converting spam users to customers

Promoting a new website selling a product online can be expensive and time consuming. If you register at other websites, there is always a possibility that your id will get banned.(an experiment conducted over the last few weeks, showed that more than 50% of ids get banned even for non spam postings).
This is where having a network of your own blogs / websites helps.
If you have a WordPress blog, there are usually a lot of spammers posting comments and also registering as users. While these spammers take up a lot of database/ Web hosting space, they can also be used to build a double optin mailing list for free.
There are many free WordPress plugins which allow you to send customised mails to all users of your blog. After you clearly indicate your charges to them, most of them will not bother to post at your blog again.

"Buying" thousands of domains

Many times website and domain owners are forced to “sell” their websites /domain names. In most industries having more = more profit, but this is not true for more domains.  Nothing illustrates this better than the thread.


“You just bought 8000 domains for $12,500 from a friend? At $1.50 per domain they are probably all useless. I’m sure your friend is relieved to be absolved from the responsibility of all those renewals of $64,000 (or more) a year. I hope you have thought about those renewals before you purchased these domains, and have the budget for that. I hope they’re .com and not .info domains. Didn’t you ask him where they were currently parked and how much the parking revenue was?”

So if you have a large number of domains and there is a possibility that they may be taken away or “sold” using dubious methods, it is best not to renew all of them. You will have the last laugh when the new “buyer” pays the thousands of dollars as renewal fees. And the “seller” can always register more domains with better registrars.

Receiving emails

When you have a large number of websites,  you list your email address on the website for contact.  Then anyone can send you an email, you have no control over who sends emails to you and have no idea about their background.