Google, Competition commission of India and mediocrity in the internet sector

The tone of many of the blogs in our network has been negative mainly because of the terrible human rights atrocitities, cheating, and exploitation the experienced online publisher, webmaster and engineer has been subjected to in the last 4 years, in a very cheap attempt to steal her identity and make the various young lazy cheater girlfriends of powerful officials very rich, powerful at her expense. Google has probably instigated powerful officials in the internet sector to behave in this manner in a cheap bid to destroy competition.

Countries like russia, china, korea, have their own local search engines due to the support local talent has, but in India, tax payer money is wasted to exploit, cheat and abuse experienced webmasters in the worst possible manner, probably instigated by Google while lazy young cheater frauds are given very great powers and important government jobs at the expense of the experienced webmaster after giving them fake references of experience. The shoddy state of affairs in the internet sector can be gauged from the followed.
1.poor cybersecurity
2.nigerian scammers flourish in India, india loses the most money to nigerian scammers in the world
3. No local text link advertising network
4. No web based interface for buying and selling content
5. Theft of email rampant. Other correspondence also stolen
6. Those receiving payment through Paypal are subjected to identity theft attempts as powerful officials allegedly falsely claim that their lazy cheater young girlfriends are involved in the online exporters business to give these girlfriends important government jobs.
7. Identity theft attempts on experienced webmasters as powerful officials allegedly claim that their lazy young cheater girlfriends in their early twenties have twenty years experience to appoint them to permanent government jobs, while the experienced webmaster gets nothing
8. Systematic denial of opportunities
9. Ensuring that experienced non- Brahmin webmasters do not get the references they need, because powerful men will promote their undeserving Brahmin protege, by openly telling the excolleagues of the engineer not to give her the references she needs because she is not a ‘Brahmin” . This ensures that undeserving liar Brahmin women get prestigious engineering degrees overnight because of the false propaganda by their extremely powerful boyfriends and relatives, while the experienced engineer is defamed as an uneducated fool, denied information and opportunities.

How can giving fake references of twenty years experience of the experienced webmaster to lazy young women in their early twenties to appoint them to important permanent government jobs ever be justified??? How can open discrimination because a person is not a Brahmin be justified? Why should the lazy cheater young women including a medical electronics diploma holder and bsc pass, get everything on a platter,without doing anything, just because they have very powerful boyfriends who hate an experienced engineer and webmaster?

Why should the experienced webmaster tolerate this exploitation allegedly by lazy young women and their dishonest powerful boyfriends at the instigation of Google to destroy competition forever??? We are interested in working with companies in india who have also filed a case against google with the competition commission of India

No Indian text link ad network – promoting mediocrity, cheaters and frauds

Almost every country has its own text link ad network so that webmasters can sell text link advertising on their websites. This remains a very lucrative option to PPC and CPM advertising, which are completely dominated by Google. If Google bans a webmaster from Google Adsense, the other options are not at all lucrative.
A list of major text link ad networks in other countries which flourish due to the support the powerful officials in charge of the internet sector are
1. Backl* , Linka*, Matomy* – US
2. TN* , sap* – russia
3. Backlinksgen* , backl* – UK
4. Mag* – Slovakia, a very small country compared to India, with a fraction of the population

However, in India since experienced webmasters in India get zero support and are subjected to human rights abuses, exploitation and cheating, identity theft attempts for many years, by the cruel powerful men in charge of the internet sector in india, naturally no indian internet advertising company can flourish in india, especially dealing in text link advertising . Indian publishers have to remain at the mercy of google and paypal to make money from their websites.

Both these companies are allegedly involved in a very cheap and cruel attempt at identity theft on experienced webmasters in India encouraging extremely powerful officials to subject the innocent webmaster to many human rights atrocities, theft of retirement savings, rewarding everyone who cheats and loots the webmaster with permanent government jobs at the expense of the webmaster, claiming that the young conwomen have the experience, investments and qualifications of the victim. .

When the experienced webmaster used foreign ad networks for selling text link advertising , allegedly a young fraud who commited corporate espionage on her, siddhi mandrekar, gets all credit and powers because of the lack of honesty and integrity in the internet sector, as powerful officials falsely give their young cheater girlfriend . It is disgusting how the young kim kardashian look alike cheater and fraud siddhi against whom the experienced webmaster would like to file a case under section 420 gets credit for all the revenues, an indication of ungrateful indian internet companies are to their customers, how they protect cheaters and frauds. There are reports that other young women whose names are riddhi, sunaina, nayanshree hathwar and others also are allegedly similarly rewarded with government jobs for fraud on the experienced webmaster and domain investor in india.

Why do powerful officials in the indian internet sector insist on giving their lazy young girlfriends credit for the revenues of experienced webmasters? why can they not acknowledge the truth, that the young women are just their girlfriends, not connected to the webmaster in any way. why should the experienced webmaster tolerate the exploitation by powerful officials indefinitely for the benefit of their lazy cheater young girlfriends?

If anyone knows of a indian text link ad network, which sells text link advertising on static websites, blog, blogrolls, kindly let us know by sending an email to
We have a large network of websites for selling text link advertising

Problems in Google’s Indiagetonline program

In the earlier article , now the names will be mentioned. Powerful official IIT Bombay BTEch 1993 graduate J.srinivasan is obsessed with a young slim woman, bsc pass sunaina, and wants to make her very rich overnight, so he is misusing the expensive equipment he has access to as a GOVERNMENT official, to hack the laptop of the experienced webmaster, to falsely claim that his darling sunaina is providing all the content, to get his lazy undeserving girlfriend great powers and privileges at the expense of the webmaster.

Simultaneously he is also defaming the webmaster in the worst possible manner, circulating videos, telling everyone that she is not well, when he himself needs a mental checkup to stop falsely promoting his lazy girlfriend sunaina and his obsession with her. It is believed that google is encouraging this official in promoting sunaina, in an attempt to steal the identity of the webmaster as part of their plan to make the webmaster penniless and acquire talent cheaply for making indiagetonline successful. Why is there no one to stop this evil official from behaving in such a cheap manner wasting tax payer money.

One of the main complaints about indiagetonline is that the web hosting is not competent. However the way google has gone about rectifying the problem is all wrong. An experienced webmaster was subjected to corporate espionage by the cheater diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, who along with her friend riddhi caro, apparently shamelessly and fraudulently misused the name of the webmaster behind her back to get great powers, privileges and assignments for themselves.

The cheater riddhi siddhi duo, who come from a very powerful family, apparently boasted to google that they could force the experienced webmaster to work for google through them, as they are extremely ruthless liars, cheaters and frauds, experts in exploiting vulnerable people with the help of their powerful friends and relatives . So today the greedy cheater duo with the help of their powerful relatives, are stealing all the emails, leads,orders, phone calls, smses and postal mail to cause the experienced webmaster losses, to force her to agree to identity theft.

Google loves young glamorous women, and have apparently agreed to support the cheater duo of siddhi mandrekar, riddhi caro, blinded by their youth and glamor. So though these women are engaged in the most illegal tactics, the webmaster is still able to earn some money because of diversification. However, Google should realize that there is no way the experienced webmaster will ever work again with a ruthless cheater like siddhi mandrekar, who has already commited corporate espionage on her, wasting money and many hours of her time. No one will take the risk of being cheated twice, especially when they know that it will be very difficult to get justice, because of her extremely powerful family, who will coverup all her crimes.

For getting a free website, the small business owner has to submit many confidential documents to google to get approval. Siddhi mandrekar is a person of questionable morals and no integrity. How many young people commit corporate espionage on their second visit to the employer? Very few, not even 0.001% of the indian population will be so crooked, yet google prefers to trust one of the most crooked persons in India for such an important program, with access to very confidential business information. It appears that siddhi mandrekar was promised domain names, for indulging in this act of corporate espionage. So any business rival can bribe her to misuse the confidential information provided. Hence business owners should aware of the fact that google will be entrusting their information to one of the greatest frauds in the country, and take a decision whether it is worth the risk.

Most business owners use the website for lead generation, so that customers can contact them. Now siddhi mandrekar has been ruthlessly stealing the emails, leads and orders, smses, postal mail of the online exporter who made the mistake of trusting her, with the help of her powerful family and friends for several months. She probably resells them for a profit to invest the money in real estate. What is the guarantee that she will not steal the emails, leads and orders of the small business owners who use the indiagetonline program to get a free website from Google? Is Google willing to acknowledge this fact openly, inform the small business owners accordingly that they rely on a very crooked person? Why are so many resources wasted to force the webmaster to work with a known crook?

Since these women come from very powerful families and have powerful friends they are making a very cheap attempt to steal the identity of the experienced webmaster by defaming her in the worst possible manner spreading LIES without proof, to grab her hard earned money . In reality siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree hathwar, sunaina are some of the greatest cheater women in India , who will NEVER be able to justify their fraud in an open debate.
If google wants to contact experienced webmasters to improve indiagetonline, they should contact directly, not use the services of a person wanted for corporate espionage or identity theft on experienced webmasters to harass the webmasters.

NTRO misuse of resources for blackmailing, identity theft


“Under veil of secrecy, elint outfit gobbles funds

Chandan Nandy, Bangalore, Mar 20, 2012, DHNS:
Less spying and more misuse of resources in elite security set-up
Eight years after its creation, the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), which was established on the lines of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and America’s National Security Agency (NSA), is in a mess.

Far from performing the responsibilities it was entrusted with after it was found that the country’s security establishment lacked effective technical/communications intelligence capabilities, the NTRO is battling serious allegations of corruption.

And the lid has been blown off from within: a former NTRO?scientist, V?K?Mittal, has been able to fight his way through the webs of secrecy and official pressure and intimidation to force the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) to institute a special audit which the Supreme Court is now seized of.

According to one estimate, misappropriation of funds in the NTRO?is to the tune of Rs 800 crore, which was alloted Rs 9,832 crore in the 2011-12 financial year. The organisation spends approximately 62 per cent of the money on purchase of equipment and maintains a secret service fund of about Rs 36 crore.

* Internet monitoring system (Rs 30 cr)
* Information processing software (Rs 5 cr)
* Satellite communication monitoring system (Rs 30 cr)
* Civil works contract in Dehradun (Rs 40 cr)
* Electronic intelligence payload (Rs 30 cr)”

Online exporters are the worst sufferers as powerful officials infatuated with young women, get lucrative positions in intelligence agencies like ntro, raw, cbi or military intelligence, by claiming that their young girlfriends like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, have twenty years experience, when these young women have no work experience. They then use the sophisticated equipment to monitor the exporters laptop, to make false claims promoting their lazy young girlfriends, when these young women are doing nothing. These young women then steal the orders, leads, emails for personal gain, making it difficult for the exporter to earn a living, to force her to agree to identity theft, which will make the officials and their girlfriends very rich.
Why is such sophisticated equipment used for monitoring harmless exporters to cause losses, there are many more important problems in a poor country like India? Are these officials bribed by large companies like Google and Tata?

Why many Indian SMEs have no websites

Many foreign companies wish to buy products from India, since it is easier to communicate in English. However, a major problem faced by them is that many Indian companies do not have a website, especially small businesses, who cater to the export market. This is because of the rampant corruption and nepotism in the Indian internet industry, and an extreme unwillingness to acknowledge and correct the many mistakes committed.

The main purpose why a small business will have a website is lead generation, so that new customers can contact them. However, one of the bitter facts in India is that if a small business owner is not well connected, all the leads generated by the business from their own marketing efforts will be stolen and diverted to their competitors by the few large Indian B2b websites which control the indian internet industry or citing fake security concerns. There is absolutely no transparency, a business owner has no redressal mechanism even when it is obvious that the leads and emails are stolen without a valid reason. In no other industry is this exploitation of small business owners so rampant.

Google had launched the Get Indian online campaign for encouraging SMEs to build their website with great fanfare, but it has met with limited success. The reason is the complete absence of people who understand the requirements of SMEs as well as website requirements. The Indian internet industry is extremely hostile to experienced webmasters, or anyone who experience working with SMEs. A webmaster who has worked offline also, will find the level of mediocrity, backstabbing and dishonesty online disgusting

The experienced webmasters in India are subjected to malicious defamation campaigns based on lies, and then expected to agree to identity theft attempts, wherein they will lose their experience, educational qualifications and savings of two decades for a chance to start life anew. If the webmaster does not agree to this extremely unfair and humiliating experience, it is almost impossible to earn any money and everyone who sabotages the business of the webmaster is given great rewards.

In an effort to force the webmaster to agree to the humiliating identity theft agreement, the webmaster is put under surveillance for years worse than a animal a zoo. This allows greedy unscrupulous scoundrels with powerful backers to make false claims of their involvement in the webmasters business, to steal privileges and lucrative assignments from the webmaster. Many of them are not even on talking terms or have contacted the webmaster, but they get fake references from powerful people to get positions of great power. Others do not leave an opportunity to frame the webmaster to force the webmaster to agree to identity theft.

Now it is easy to get fake references by flirting with a powerful person, who thinks he will never be penalised for his behaviour. However, it is not so easy to fake experience and understanding of how Indian SMEs work. So while the glamorous young girlfriend of the powerful men in the Indian internet industry may be extremely well qualified to start a college training women on the art of flirting and seducing powerful men to get positions of great power, she may the worst person to understand the needs of Indian small business owners many of whom have to work under very difficult conditions. When these powerful men shamelessly exploit and misuse the name of experienced webmasters to promote their young glamorous girlfriends, the biggest loser are the Indian SMEs, the Indian internet industry and the country as a whole.

To see how this girlfriend looks like check whose flirting skills make powerful men in India forget all rules of decency, humanity and business.

Decline in computer sales in India

The newspapers are reporting a significant decline in computer sales in India based on a Gartner study, the number indicate that sales are about 20% lower in the last year. While the decrease in assembled computers is lower at 10%, for laptop sales there has been a decline of 27%. Indian companies like HCL and Wipro are no longer manufacturing laptops, while others have greatly reduced their laptop purchases. While this is officially been attributed to increase in sales of tablets and smartphone, the real reason is the rampant corruption in the IT sector which exploits small business owners. There is no transparency at all, as certain privileged government officials abuse their powers to make unauthorised changes to the laptops of harmless civilians, for identity theft purposes and to promote their undeserving young girlfriends and relatives.

Many corrupt individuals with powerful backers at the government level exploit the backdoors in the software and hardware, to frame innocent individuals. These are extremely cruel, vicious animals in human form, who will misuse the information and knowledge they have to take control of the computer using loopholes in the operating system, commit cybercrimes, and then blame a completely innocent person. Many of the largest internet and software compares are not interested in penalizing these human animals, who harass innocent customers, they take sadistic pleasure in framing the innocent computer user.

Initially, not many people are aware of the nasty tricks of these hackers, but as the number of incidents increase, people become increasingly wary of buying and using laptops and computers. After all who want to lose his or her hard earned money , even if he or she is completely innocent, because of the malicious cybercriminals. Who wants his or her reputation ruined for actions he is not responsible in any way? More and more companies are reverting to paper storage, keeping their records in files. It may be time consuming and inconvenient, but at least no one is wrongly framed, and no innocent person is penalized.

These vicious human animals are extremely merciless in framing an innocent person and spread extremely nasty rumours about the person. Many officials will also steal confidential information from computer users and misuse it. Earlier people did not realise the gravity of the situation, but now these problems are linked almost exclusively to laptop use and abuse of powers. Till the laptop manufacturers lobby to end this nuisance by government officials, laptop owners will postpone the purchase of a new laptop or computer to the extent possible. The greatest threat is faced by laptop owners when they are connected to the internet, so internet usage should be minimized, if the connection is not very secure.

Probably the biggest problem is the lack of transparency, if a person finds that his or her laptop is hacked using a hidden government frequency there is no redressal mechanism. In any other sector, it is relatively easy to initiate action against a person who is misusing his or her powers, even the prime minister or president can be taken to court. In this sector, some people can do whatever they wish, and are extremely confident that they will never be penalized or their misdeeds will affect their career.

Negative attitude

Engineering is about building things, often from scratch, where nothing exists. In the few cases, where demolition is needed, it is only to reconstruct the structure again. However, in the internet industry, the focus is mainly on destroying, reputations, computers, internet connections, by spreading some of the most false and malicious rumours possible.

Reputations are ruined by spreading false rumours, the most malicious gossip that is possible, completely untrue, it appears that the art of fabricating lies is extremely important.
Laptops and computers are rendered non functional by exploiting security flaws and backdoors in common operating systems as well as hardware.
This information is known only to government officials, but is used to harass ordinary private citizens
When a person buys a computer, he is entitled to a fully functional product. However, this is not possible for a person who is being targetted, every computer purchased is hacked continuously, often wasting tax payer money just to satisfy the ego of powerful government officials who are jealous of the computer user.

The targetted person may have been an early investor, spending lakhs of his or her hard earned money online.
But unless the investor agrees to form a company with the “mother of a kid” who is a relative of the powerful government official,
the investor will not be allowed to use the internet connection uninterrupted at home, every one minute the connection will be interrupted.

The investor wonders, why do people waste so much time destroying computers, why do they have such a negative attitude. Why not build some thing new in the same time from scratch, something will help you earn money ? Why take such a sadistic pleasure in wasting a person’s time, destroying his or her life, especially when the person has done you no harm? Why do they have such a negative attitude.

How greedy, ungrateful, dishonest domain registrars in India score a self goal and destroy the entire internet industry

Some of the largest domain registrars in India score a self goal with rampant corruption, nepotism and treating customers badly by subjecting them to numerous identity theft attempts.

They think taking over their customers business is their birthright. If they fail to do so immediately , they make the life of the customer miserable by
1. Putting the customer under surveillance for years
2. Ensuring that he or she gets no help at all even for simple things as directions.
3. Protecting, encouraging,showering privileges on every liar who claims to be involved in the domain registrants/webmaster business, without spending a single penny or doing any work.
4. Ignoring, ostracizing and insulting their loyal customers who spend their hard earned money with the domain registrar, these registrars are not even willing to acknowledge their customers, but lie to them and take their money.
5. Protecting, encouraging and supporting every blackmailer and extortionist who make blatantly false allegations of payment to their loyal customers without any proof.

They should realize that when the arrangement is very unfair to the domain registrant/webmaster, he or she will look for other options
Why should the webmaster do the following
1. Spend time and money on domain registration
2. Spend time and money on web hosting
3. Spend time and money on developing content and website
only to have an unscrupulous liar falsely claim to be involved in a business, get unlimited support. Additionally the fraud will be given great powers, allowed to subject the webmaster to organized stalking .
The liar will not spend any money on domains and webhosting, only on fashionable clothes, but be showered with privileges for falsely claiming to be involved in the webmasters business.

Now the corrupt domain registrar could easily take over the business, by making some fake excuse, but no one is aware of the technical aspects . After all no one wants to work hard, spend many years learning new things, they just want easy money by taking advantages of the honesty and hard work of a webmaster.

They have showered privileges on their girlfriends, who put the webmaster under surveillance , and ensure that she does not get any help when she even asks for directions. These girlfriends think it is their birthright to take over a business, without spending a single penny, doing any work. Why should any webmaster tolerate such an unfair deal?

By doing this the domain registrar and their management have shown their true colours – greedy, ungrateful, short sighted,unable to credit where it is due, with massive egos.

Why don’t their girlfriends and relative spend money on domain names or START A BUSINESS OF THEIR OWN, instead of falsely claiming to be involved in a business, without the business owners knowledge or permission?

End result the webmaster will reduce spending money on domains, how will the domain registrar CEO like if any one visits his home or office and takes things without his knowledge or permission.It is very unfair for the webmaster spending his or her hard earned money, to have all the privileges stolen by the friends and relatives of the domain registrar,

When no domains are registered why will webhosting be needed?

Eventually, very little money will be spent online, just because of the massive ego, greed, dishonesty and ungratefulness of the domain registrar, who is extremely unwilling to give credit where it is due.

Faking experience and achievement

It appears to be the hallmark of the Indian internet industry, the same story is repeated many times.
When an entrepreneur has spent a lot of money and time online.
Encourage, protect and support blackmailers and extortionists to harass her, who cannot produce a shred of proof to support their lies.
Subject her to identity theft.
Have their mediocre fraud cunning crooked girlfriends and relatives put the entrepreneur under surveillance, so that they earn lakhs in easy money.
The fraud girlfriends and relatives will never spend the time and money the entrepreneur has, but are very unscrupulous and greedy to claim credit.
Currently this webmaster is fighting attempts from multiple frauds with powerful backers, who are faking her experience and achievement, by putting her under surveillance.
All of them are technical incompetent, being greedy liars is their greatest achievement.

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