China blocks Gmail access

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The Chinese government appears to have blocked the ability of people in China to gain access to Google’s email service through third-party email clients, which many Chinese and foreigners had been relying on to use their Gmail accounts after an earlier blocking effort by officials, according to Internet analysts and users in China.

In November, Lu Wei, the top Internet regulator in China, presided over a conference in Zhejiang Province that had some attendees from foreign technology companies; Mr. Lu stressed the need for nations to have “Internet sovereignty,” meaning the countries should be able to create and control their own online space.

In india the top internet regulators allegedly follow an opposite policy, grovelling before some american companies and destroying local talent. If the experienced webmaster, domain investor, engineer  is not approved allegedly by Google, Paypal, as he or she is not sufficiently westernized or cheaters, their career, business and life,  will be destroyed wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment.

Why working online in India is the worst career option for honest and hardworking people

Except for ecommerce, there is hardly any big indian internet company because it is probably the only sector where experienced honest hardworking webmasters and domain investors are subjected to human rights abuses for years without a valid reason, unable to end the atrocities , their retirement savings stolen, defamed as having an illegal business without proof by government agencies allegedly CBI/RAW/military intelligence . In most other sectors, offline, a hardworking and honest experienced person will be treated with respect, not subjected to defamation without proof, cheap identity theft attempts. Companies will take money from customers and refuse to provide information they need  .

later when the business has been proved to be legal the same dishonest cruel careless and arrogant  officials  who brutally defamed the experienced webmaster will expect the person whose life they have cruelly and ruthlessly destroyed to form a company with their mediocre lazy liar cheater girlfriends and relatives. these officials will never have the grace to admit their mistake, or apologize for the damage caused to an innocent person or offer any compensation. The most selfish, inhuman , greedy and dishonest individuals can be found online in the indian internet sector

On the hand mediocre lazy liar cheater greedy cruel young women with powerful friends and relatives are rewarded for cheating and betraying the experienced webmaster with very important government jobs, falsely claiming that they have the experience, qualification, knowledge, skills, of the experienced woman webmaster they brutally cheated and exploited.  these women then have powers to steal all important correspondence of their victim, making their victim a virtual prisoner.

Not only will the honest hardworking woman webmaster and domain investor who has been cheated by mediocre lazy liar frauds find it impossible to get any justice, even if proof has been provided like bangalore cybercrime which refuses to take action against cheater nayanshree hathwar, they will find that powerful officials also expect them to reward the cheaters, backstabbers and stalkers with a stake in her business for harassing her. Allegedly powerful officials are falsely claiming that the inexperienced cheater nayanshree hathwar has the experience, qualifications, investment and skills of the experienced webmaster she cheated. There are other women like  siddhi mandrekar, who has commited corporate espionage, but instead of being punished, has been rewarded with an important job at the expense of her victim.

These powerful men, will not think that their great expectations for their darling girlfriends are unrealistic, they will also waste tax payer money to give these dangerous cheaters powers of surveillance over the woman they have cheated, leaving the victim even more vulnerable to attack, blackmail and extortion by the cheater. They will also falsely give credit to these cheaters and stalkers for all the revenues of her victim, though these cheaters do not do anything. Ending these false rumours can be a very difficult task.

For example the mediocre cheater  nayanshree hathwar mentioned above, cannot even write a paragraph in proper english, but because of her powerful friends and relatives who want to make her rich and powerful overnight,  she has allegedly been given charge of all english content exports  from india and local content. Would a person who cannot write english be put in charge of any english newspaper, magazine or publishing house offline? Few would accept this obvious farce, but in the indian internet sector, only mediocre frauds like nayanshree hathwar get the very lucrative government salary, pension and great powers.

Similarly bsc sunaina/stock broker asmita patel have never invested a single paisa on domain names, bsc sunaina does not have an ebay account, but have got great powers, access to confidential information, lucrative opportunities,  due to false claims by powerful officials at the expense of the real domain investor and ebay seller who has got nothing. similarly a cruel fraud siddhi mandrekar has never managed a website, but officials falsely claim that she is an experienced webmaster and have given the fraud siddhi mandrekar, great powers, which she abuses to attack the webmaster she brutally cheated,

Anyone offline will acknowledge that it is very unfair to reward the cheaters for looting an experienced webmaster,  and expect the victim to also reward people who have cheated and exploited her with a stake in the business she has developed with great sacrifice, as these people will only exploit her further, make her life hell. However, this aspect will not be known, to people who are not well connected, who will waste their time and money to find out this dangerous and unfair aspect of the indian internet sector.  Additionally the retirement savings of more than twenty years of  domain investors are also stolen by government agencies allegedly cbi,  without a valid reason, allegedly for identity theft purposes.

After this aspect will be known that most positions are reserved for mediocre lazy liar cheaters from well connected families or with powerful friends , most people will opt out, and the internet sector, loses experienced people. In most other professions, people continue till retirement, and train other people, so people do not have to reinvent the wheel. Till real merit and experience becomes the most important criteria for appointment to important jobs in the indian internet sector , honest hardworking people should  stay away as they will do much better in almost any other profession as fraud levels are much lower and honest experienced people are not subjected to cheating, exploitation and human rights abuses on a daily basis.

Names may have changed for different reasons.

Webmaster tools for fraud detection

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The internet sector in india allegedly has very high levels of fraud, cheating and dishonesty with lazy inexperienced young cheater women considered to be role models by the most powerful men in the indian internet industry who give these crooked young women, their girlfriends , fake references of twenty years experience to appoint them to important government jobs falsely claiming that the young women are experienced webmasters when these crooked greedy dishonest women have never even managed a single website.

These cruel robotic men who control the internet sector in india are shameless,claiming to be concerned about honesty and integrity, when they themselves protect and promote known cheaters. For example, allegedly goa’s crooked greedy liar medical electronics diploma holder whose original name was siddhi mandrekar, committed corporate espionage on an experienced webmaster, but instead of being punished for her crime, has been fraudulently given a very important government job as reward for the fraud, falsely claiming that she was the experienced webmaster. Similarly bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar who cheated the webmaster of more than Rs 1.1 lakh,has again been fraudulently given a very important government job as reward for cheating, falsely claiming that she was the experienced webmaster, when she has never managed a website. Additionally in goa, associates of bsc pass sunaina are hacking the computer of the experienced webmaster, to get the lazy liar mediocre sunaina great powers at the expense of the webmaster.

Domain registrars in India will often take money from a customer, and then falsely claim that the domain or website belongs to their young glamorous girlfriends who actually do not spend a single penny on the domain names, to get them many powers at the expense of the experienced webmaster. These are very powerful officials in the internet sector, making false claims, hence it will advisable to use webmaster tools like abongo, to check the real ownership of the website, DNS, Reverse DNS, Whois, Ping, TraceRoute Host and Page Rank, and ask the person who has got references from the powerful official to provide documents to prove their identity. The person paying the bills for domain registration and renewal, cannot prevent powerful officials from making false claims behind his or her back, but can at least ensure that the official records available online are correct.

When these mediocre inexperienced young cheater girlfriends of powerful men are put in charge of the internet in india, naturally an experienced webmaster can only expected an increase in network problems, as these women have no experience managing websites. Fake references from extremely powerful men infatuated with women half their age in india, will not make these young lazy cheaters experts overnight. Names may have changed.

Fake references of experience in the internet sector

The level of dishonesty in the indian internet sector cannot be allegedly matched anywhere else, as powerful officials will falsely claim that their lazy young liar girlfriends and housewives like nayanshree hathwar in their early twenties are experienced webmasters and engineers with twenty years experience to appoint them to very important government jobs at the expense of a really experienced webmaster who gets nothing, because of the big fraud on her by powerful men who are not accountable to anyone. These women have not even ever worked as engineers but have powerful men making false claims on their behalf,
How can a person in her early twenties have twenty years work experience as an engineer, most engineering colleges give admission only to 16 or 17 years, and most engineers are at least twenty one when they get their degree. No major engineering company will give a job to a person without an engineering degree, yet these dishonest men who HATE a single woman engineer, will falsely claim that their various young girlfriends have twenty years experience, to appoint them to important government jobs.

Why do these powerful men think that their obvious fraud will not be exposed, Just checking their real educational qualification, or even voter id card, will provide the real age, expose the lies of these powerful men and their young cheater girlfriends. Are these men fools that they make such blatantly false claims, or are they extremely powerful, thinking that no one can expose their obvious fraud. Why should the indian government waste tax payer money to overpay young women, who do not have the experience, qualification or investment which they or their boyfriends falsely claim that they have?

For example, these powerful dishonest men are allegedly extremely overjoyed with bangalore’s cheater housewife friend nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar who looted more than Rs 1,1 lakh from a single woman engineer, that they tell everyone that their cheater friend nayanshree has the experience and qualification of the engineer she cheated, when nayanshree hathwar has never ever worked as an engineer, and has no engineering qualification.

. In another case, a medical electronics diploma holder who gave her name as siddhi mandrekar , commited corporate espionage on the single woman engineer, and was again allegedly rewarded with a very important job in the government for the fraud, faking experience of the engineer. In a third case, a bsc slim young woman, sunaina was allegedly falsely introduced as a major domain investor by a powerful official as reward for stalking the engineer, again faking experience. There are many other women who are cheating in a similar fashion, how much cheating should be tolerated.

Why do these powerful men make such blatantly false claims of experience, why should the person whose experience has been misused by young women, who now harass her, keep quiet, why should indian tax payer money be wasted on the salary of undeserving women. Why are there no audit or systems in place, to prevent powerful men abusing the system, to get great powers for their lazy mediocre friends , why does the woman whose experience has been misused find it difficult to get justice.

Google and Tata’s sponsorship of fraud, cheating in India

Indians lose most money to Nigerian scammers in the world, because of Google and Tata’s sponsorship of fraud in India in the internet sector. Only frauds and cheaters are allowed to flourish in the internet sector in India by these companies. Honest people are systematically looted, denied opportunities, subjected to identity theft attempts, wasting huge amounts of resources and tax payer money.
Almost every email which allows the domain investor or webmaster earn some money is systematically stolen, in an attempt to leave the webmaster penniless, and there is no way the officials indulging in this fraud can be penalized.

For example, an ad network will send a notification that an ad has been sold, but the webmaster will never receive the notification because the email has been stolen, giving fake concerns of “national security ” . How is selling an ad , to earn money from foreign companies a national security issue? There is plenty of proof that the emails are stolen, but there is no redressal mechanism for stakeholders in India.

Most countries try to maximize their export revenues, but in india corrupt dishonest officials, with no patriotism, whose greatest qualification is their corrupt dishonest powerful families and friends, indulge in corporate espionage to cause losses to their small business owners, who are exporters.

Google Tata Miss cheater and fraud India contest

No information is provided online, but experienced webmasters, domain investors in India know that Google and Tata have started a competition for finding india’s greatest cheater and fraud. All the winners of the prelimnary rounds have got extremely lucrative permanent government jobs in indian intelligence agencies like cbi, raw, military intelligence, ntro or ib, with a good salary, and confirmed pension after retirement, for lies and cheating with the sponsorship of Google and Tata .

Miss Cheater& Fraud India
the winner is undoubtedly diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar, reis magos, verem, goa, looks like kim kardashian, with no work experience.
How she won the contest – she is like a robot with no humanity, decency , morals or conscience. riddhi caro is her close friend
Corporate espionage
Misuse of name
Theft of emails, leads, orders, smses, postal mail
blocking payments of exporters
identity theft attempts

Winners Prize : Fake references of twenty years experience to get an important position in indian intelligence agencies like cbi, raw, military intelligence, ntro or ib, with a good salary, and confirmed pension after retirement, great powers, access to very confidential information.

1st Runner up for Miss Cheater& Fraud India
nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, bangalore, india, with no work experience
her qualities which won her the contest
attempts at identity theft to become very rich overnight.
Winners Prize : Fake references of twenty years experience as an engineer to get an important position in indian intelligence agencies like cbi, raw, military intelligence, ntro or ib, with a good salary, and confirmed pension after retirement, great powers, access to very confidential information.

2nd Runner up for Miss Cheater& Fraud India
sunaina,bsc pass , with no work experience
what made her a winner
threatens everyone
identity theft attempts
stalking neighbours
part of identity theft gang.
falsely claims to be an ebay customer for ten years, when she does not have a ebay account.
Winners Prize : Fake references of twenty years experience as an engineer to get an important position in indian intelligence agencies like cbi, raw, military intelligence, ntro or ib, with a good salary, and confirmed pension after retirement, great powers, access to very confidential information.

Since google and tata are unapologetic about this scam, the engineer whose experience has been misused by powerful officials, google and tata to promote these young liars will continue to fight till she gets justice. Please send any other nominations for miss cheater and fraud india to . The contest is held by Google and Tata, with the support of extremely powerful officials, as part of CIA’s master plan to ensure that cybersecurity in India always remains poor, nigerian scammers flourish in India.

Very few invest money online in India

One of the little know facts about working online, is how internet companies are experts in creating an atmosphere of fear, that they will force experienced webmasters to sell their websites, but nothing ever happens. Extremely powerful officials, ceos of internet companies, google and tata will falsely claim that the websites belong to their lazy young glamorous girlfriends and relatives, to shower these undeserving women with great privileges, despite not doing any work, or investing a single paisa online. Due to the atmosphere of fear, many webmasters will postpone developing their websites.

Now it is very obvious these internet companies and their young girlfriends will never BUY the domains/websites, for 4 years they have threatened. The seller can always quote the price for a website or domain name, especially when there are many domains or websites. It is not easy to earn money online today, especially when us based search engines like google are systematically reducing the traffic to the website, despite having very good content. It is an indication of the hypocrisy of google that they instigate these extremely powerful officials to abuse their powers to falsely claim that the websites are owned by the young girlfriends like siddhi mandrekar, riddhi caro, sunaina, nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel,ruchika kinger and others, who do not spend any money online, further exploiting the webmaster.

Only when these officials and their girlfriends spend their money on domains and websites , they will realize the pain of actually owning a website. When some one else is paying the bills, it is very easy to claim ownership of any website, especially when powerful officials and ceos are making fake claims supporting their lazy girlfriends.. Officials get their salary from the government, steal leads, and orders, block payments,giving flimsy excuses, it is the small business owner who invests his hard earned money online who suffers, as they face great financial losses. When people who do not invest a single paisa online in India, with no experience, get great privileges and powers at the expense of the real domain investors and webmasters, because of their powerful dishonest friends and families who greedily and cruelly exploit, blackmail the real online investors, why will people invest money online in India

DNS propagation delays in India

Till 2-3 weeks ago there were no dns propagation delays in india, every thing was operated very efficiently. However, in the last one week there have been very major problems faced for both webhosts, webmasters , online publishers in India. DNS propagation is greatly delayed taking more than 48 hours, resulting in great financial losses and waste of time. Is there a fault in the DNS system of verisign domains in india or is it intentional sabotage, by an official who knows that she will not be held accountable.

As a domain investor, every webmaster and online publisher has a right to know, to question, and find out what exactly the problem is. If the official is intentionally doing this for personal reasons, why is there no action taken against her? Why is she allowed to use the DNS system as her personal property to harass specific webmasters, when she is getting a salary, and is expected to work professionally? Why is the official allowed to run amok? The domain investors pay verisign an annual renewal fee for .com domains, and if the dns is controlled by inexperienced unprofessional individuals who use for settling personal scores or are bribed by corporates to harass specific domain investors then the domain investor would rather buy other domains whose dns is professionally managed.

There were allegations that tata and google were buying fake references of twenty years experience for a young diploma holder siddhi mandrekar and other cheater women like nayanshree hathwar with no experience, now has this young woman been put in charge of dns in India? Having got everything on a platter, because her powerful friends like sameer halepete, have brutally exploited and cheated an experienced single woman , is she now causing havoc targeting specific webmasters and web hosts in india? Why is it so difficult for the stake holders spending their hard earned money online, to find out who is responsible for the mess. Why are google, and tata so eager to protect and promote incompetent liars and cheaters, to put them in charge of dns in india.

Very significant DNS propagation delays for .com domains in India, anyone else facing this problem in India?

Are Indian intelligence agencies abusing powers to steal emails for corporate espionage?

Are Indian intelligence agencies like RAW, NTRO, CBI and/or military intelligence abusing powers to steal emails, smses for corporate espionage? In December 2011, RAW was authorized to intercept emails, phone calls, smses of any one in India in the interests of national security and to prevent financial crime like money laundering. It appears that these agencies have been given many powers, but there is little oversight to prevent the abuse of these powers by corrupt officials for personal gain, to harass hard working webmasters, sabotage their business.

Today an experienced webmaster, who has been framed and falsely accused by her extremely jealous batchmates from college finds almost all her emails are stolen by her extremely jealous batchmates from college who hate her. These batchmates who are probably working in intelligence agencies have cheated her of her hard earned money, stolen the remaining money, and subjected her to numerous identity theft attempts. They have also shamelessly misused her name, to give fake references to their young girlfriends falsely claiming that these young woman have the experience and the investments which their batchmate has, when these young women have no relevant work experience, and have not spent a single penny online.

In such cases, when these powerful men so obviously hate their batchmate, she finds that all her leads, orders and emails are stolen by her jealous batchmates and their associates, making it difficult to earn a living. This single woman has been under surveillance for more than four years now, and they have not found any evidence of illegal activity. Yet why are Indian intelligence agency officials stealing her emails daily? How is stealing the email leads and orders of a webmaster an act of national security?

One of her jealous classmates who has stolen her money, openly boasts that he is stealing her emails, smses, because he can? This greedy dishonest man is getting a government salary, what right does he waste Indian tax payer money to to cause losses to his batchmate who he hates using official resources? Why is there no one in the intelligence agencies to check his misdeeds?

Takeover tactics used by internet companies in India

These are some of the takeover tactics used by internet companies in India, which are backed by factual evidence.
Put the business owner under surveillance for many years for unknown reasons, the person has no privacy or human rights at all.
Phone calls/SMSes tapped, monitored, intercepted, emails, stolen internet browsing monitored, files deleted from hard disk remotely, all passwords known.
Misuse the surveillance to change passwords, emails of web hosting accounts as soon as payments are made for several years.
Internet(ISP) connections are blocked .
Processing of applications for landline phone connections are delayed.
Retirement savings of over 20 years will go “missing”
Identity theft is encouraged.
Frauds are encouraged to claim credit for work they have never done.
It is difficult to sell advertising directly, since frauds shamelessly claim that the websites are theirs when their actual contribution towards website expenses is zero.

Unfortunately most of the companies and individuals using these tactics conveniently remain hidden, making it extremely difficult for the targeted business owner to fight back