NTRO misuse of resources for blackmailing, identity theft



“Under veil of secrecy, elint outfit gobbles funds

Chandan Nandy, Bangalore, Mar 20, 2012, DHNS:
Less spying and more misuse of resources in elite security set-up
Eight years after its creation, the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), which was established on the lines of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and America’s National Security Agency (NSA), is in a mess.

Far from performing the responsibilities it was entrusted with after it was found that the country’s security establishment lacked effective technical/communications intelligence capabilities, the NTRO is battling serious allegations of corruption.

And the lid has been blown off from within: a former NTRO?scientist, V?K?Mittal, has been able to fight his way through the webs of secrecy and official pressure and intimidation to force the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) to institute a special audit which the Supreme Court is now seized of.

According to one estimate, misappropriation of funds in the NTRO?is to the tune of Rs 800 crore, which was alloted Rs 9,832 crore in the 2011-12 financial year. The organisation spends approximately 62 per cent of the money on purchase of equipment and maintains a secret service fund of about Rs 36 crore.

* Internet monitoring system (Rs 30 cr)
* Information processing software (Rs 5 cr)
* Satellite communication monitoring system (Rs 30 cr)
* Civil works contract in Dehradun (Rs 40 cr)
* Electronic intelligence payload (Rs 30 cr)”

Online exporters are the worst sufferers as powerful officials infatuated with young women, get lucrative positions in intelligence agencies like ntro, raw, cbi or military intelligence, by claiming that their young girlfriends like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, have twenty years experience, when these young women have no work experience. They then use the sophisticated equipment to monitor the exporters laptop, to make false claims promoting their lazy young girlfriends, when these young women are doing nothing. These young women then steal the orders, leads, emails for personal gain, making it difficult for the exporter to earn a living, to force her to agree to identity theft, which will make the officials and their girlfriends very rich.
Why is such sophisticated equipment used for monitoring harmless exporters to cause losses, there are many more important problems in a poor country like India? Are these officials bribed by large companies like Google and Tata?

Harassment of Indian online exporters Fiverr payments blocked

Most countries provide incentives and all assistance to their online exporters, it is a matter of national pride. Unfortunately, in India, officials take great pride in harassing Indian online exporters as these officials have a hidden agenda to hurt the countries economy, by ensuring that exporters are unable to remit their hard earned money to India.
These greedy corrupt officials want the exporter to give a stake in her business to their young slim lazy girlfriend, who does not want to do any work, only watch TV. Since there is no reason why an exporter will agree to an unfair agreement, these officials are misusing their power to harass the online exporter. They are abusing their powers to spread blatantly false rumours and the the foreign websites that rely on them are misled as they blindly believe these lies.
Fiverr is one such foreign website which is misled by this corrupt official. The online exporter is unable to withdraw funds to the Indian bank account using Payoneer, and fiverr is also not responding to ticket no.598512 . there is no accountability or transparency, no effective grievance redressal mechanism.
Due to mining closure, the banks in the state are facing a loss, yet the exporter is not allowed to transfer money from a foreign account to the indian bank account, so that the money could be spent locally. it just shows the attitude of indian officials, and do everything possible to harm the indian economy.

Forcing webmasters to sell websites

One of the most foolish mistakes made by the powerful men in the Indian internet industry is how much time and effort they waste in trying to force a webmaster sell his or her websites to them. Many of these websites make very little money, sometimes not even enough to cover the webhosting and domain registration expenses, yet these powerful people shamelessly try to force the webmaster to sell their website to them.

For this, these powerful people will waste huge amounts of tax payer money to put the webmaster under surveillance to harass her. For many, the websites are a hobby, and do not generate much revenue. In fact, writing on Teckler is far more lucrative, compared to developing content for their own websites, because of lack of traffic. Yet why is there so much pressure to force them to sell the websites?

Human parasites

The Indian internet industry is full of human parasites who don’t do any work at all, but are showered with privileges because their powerful backers will falsely claim that she is doing all the work, when she is not doing anything at all. These are human parasites who live off the work of a hardworking webmaster.

This a description of one parasite, who steals the privileges which are due to the experience webmaster who leaves the nearby because the most powerful people in the Indian internet industry are jealous of the webmaster and do everything possible to deny the webmaster credit.
The human parasite is very slim, usually wears jeans, has completed her graduation in science a year ago.
She has a white and brown dog.
Lives with her sisters and brother in law
Her shameless powerful backers want her to steal the identity of the webmaster, so that they can get the hard earned money quickly.
So these frauds claim that she is doing all the work, when she is doing nothing at all.
The original plan was to pass off this human parasite as an engineer, but they failed, because people in other industries are not as corrupt as the Indian internet industry.

She is not even on talking terms with the webmaster, when the webmaster tried to initiate a conversation with her, this arrogant human parasite and her sister started showering abuses on the webmaster.
They also threatened the webmaster that she would file a harassment complaint against the webmaster if the webmaster ever tried to speak to them again.
Yet the people who rule the Indian internet industry will falsely claim that this arrogant human parasite (their girlfriend) is involved in the webmasters business, just as an excuse to steal privileges from the webmaster.
To harass the webmaster further, all the phone calls, SMSes of the webmaster are routed through this cunning human parasite by her powerful boyfriends, making communication very difficult.

When this slim human parasite is not on talking terms with the webmaster, cannot withdraw a single paisa from the webmaster account, why make blatantly false claims that your arrogant foul mouthed girlfriend is involved in the webmasters business.
For example they will falsely claim that Google Indiagetonline review is written by this human parasite when she is not doing anything at all. This is an example of the level to which people in the Indian internet industry stoop to deny credit where it is due.

Poor internet infrastructure in India

India has poor internet infrastructure, many government officials do not have official email ids, even aadhar cards are signed using free gmail ids.
The corruption in the indian internet industry is unprecedented, some people are given many powers but are not accountable for the misuse of these powers.

The emphasis is not on building the internet infrastructure only on destroying and harassing innocent and hardworking webmasters, to enrich government officials.
Domain investors and webmasters are lied to, intentionally denying important information, so that the webmaster makes expensive mistakes, wasting time and money.
Why is so much time and tax payer money wasted on destroying a person’s life and business, instead of building, just to enrich corrupt government officials, their friends and relatives?
Being the girlfriend or relative of a powerful person is more important than merit, experience or hard work

Experienced webmasters are continuously harassed and money extorted from them to pay the ‘simple housewife” or “mother of a kid” who is a relative of powerful officials.

Backdoors in both windows operating system and zte 3g usb modems are exploited to hack into the laptops of webmasters, to control of these laptops, controlling internet access.
Unfortunately, this cybercrime remains unpunished, with the cybercriminal showered with privileges by the government officials for their cybercrimes.
These people will shamelessly intercept and divert emails to and from a webmaster, stealing customer orders and leads, destroying the business. They know they will remain unpunished.

Identity thieves who do not spend a single paisa and do not have any technical knowledge are worshiped and given great powers for their acts of betrayal. These government officials have no qualms shamelessly misusing the name of a webmaster behind her back, when they they do not have the guts to face her and justify their greedy exploitation and misuse of her name.

How greedy, ungrateful, dishonest domain registrars in India score a self goal and destroy the entire internet industry

Some of the largest domain registrars in India score a self goal with rampant corruption, nepotism and treating customers badly by subjecting them to numerous identity theft attempts.

They think taking over their customers business is their birthright. If they fail to do so immediately , they make the life of the customer miserable by
1. Putting the customer under surveillance for years
2. Ensuring that he or she gets no help at all even for simple things as directions.
3. Protecting, encouraging,showering privileges on every liar who claims to be involved in the domain registrants/webmaster business, without spending a single penny or doing any work.
4. Ignoring, ostracizing and insulting their loyal customers who spend their hard earned money with the domain registrar, these registrars are not even willing to acknowledge their customers, but lie to them and take their money.
5. Protecting, encouraging and supporting every blackmailer and extortionist who make blatantly false allegations of payment to their loyal customers without any proof.

They should realize that when the arrangement is very unfair to the domain registrant/webmaster, he or she will look for other options
Why should the webmaster do the following
1. Spend time and money on domain registration
2. Spend time and money on web hosting
3. Spend time and money on developing content and website
only to have an unscrupulous liar falsely claim to be involved in a business, get unlimited support. Additionally the fraud will be given great powers, allowed to subject the webmaster to organized stalking .
The liar will not spend any money on domains and webhosting, only on fashionable clothes, but be showered with privileges for falsely claiming to be involved in the webmasters business.

Now the corrupt domain registrar could easily take over the business, by making some fake excuse, but no one is aware of the technical aspects . After all no one wants to work hard, spend many years learning new things, they just want easy money by taking advantages of the honesty and hard work of a webmaster.

They have showered privileges on their girlfriends, who put the webmaster under surveillance , and ensure that she does not get any help when she even asks for directions. These girlfriends think it is their birthright to take over a business, without spending a single penny, doing any work. Why should any webmaster tolerate such an unfair deal?

By doing this the domain registrar and their management have shown their true colours – greedy, ungrateful, short sighted,unable to credit where it is due, with massive egos.

Why don’t their girlfriends and relative spend money on domain names or START A BUSINESS OF THEIR OWN, instead of falsely claiming to be involved in a business, without the business owners knowledge or permission?

End result the webmaster will reduce spending money on domains, how will the domain registrar CEO like if any one visits his home or office and takes things without his knowledge or permission.It is very unfair for the webmaster spending his or her hard earned money, to have all the privileges stolen by the friends and relatives of the domain registrar,

When no domains are registered why will webhosting be needed?

Eventually, very little money will be spent online, just because of the massive ego, greed, dishonesty and ungratefulness of the domain registrar, who is extremely unwilling to give credit where it is due.

Discrimination against non glamorous women

This article is an example of the harassment and discrimination against women in the Internet industry.


In India, the problem of unfair treatment of women is much worse, with internet companies showering privileges, encouraging and protecting glamorous, slim, young, liars, blackmailers and frauds who falsely claim to be involved in an internet business when they are doing nothing at all because they fit into their company culture. These companies have no qualms humiliating, insulting and ignoring the female business owner, who is their loyal customer. The customers are instead subjected to brutal identity theft attempts, with personal and financial documents, electronic equipment stolen causing tremendous financial losses.

Just what is the simplest method of getting a authorities occupation?

jobs 2Great government employment are very difficult to look for in India. In India authorities job opportunities are generally known as sarkari naukri. Folks nevertheless want federal government positions. A governing administration job makes one really rich and revered oftentimes. For those who possess the ideal connections, obtaining a sarkari naukri in India can be very very easy. Acquiring a work inside Indian civil expert services is simpler said than performed. If you happen to are well geared up, you could move the government tests. You’ll find state level work opportunities and central governing administration positions in addition. Extra advantages and benefits also are bigger in central federal government careers. Governing administration job opportunities can only be utilized to until a specific age. A recruitment push could very well be launched by both a condition government of with the central authorities. Females may also be found to generally be in prime stage authorities work opportunities. Gals are inspired to apply for the sarkari naukri as there are exclusive positions reserved for girls. Aided by the growth in the Indian population, much more younger males and females are seeking federal government positions. In the event you get suitable coaching for a authorities task, it may possibly develop into effortless to obtain a federal government job. These intuitions mentor students regarding how to process a recruitment test. You’ll find numerous styles of coaching classes. You can need to contend with millions of other qualified Indians. Police occupations are in superb demand as many of them are well paid work opportunities. A retirement pension may be the most attractive feature of the governing administration work. In the world today authorities assistance rules have altered from before occasions. There was a time when authorities job opportunities were not regarded as effectively compensated work. You will find great competitiveness for virtually any sort of task while in the federal government sector. There exists fewer perform strain in Indian authorities jobs. Regardless of all your endeavors, you should still not have a authorities profession. The prepared exams are held in various metropolitan areas all throughout India. Lots of people can afford to pay for this modest nominal fee. jobs 6It really is imperative that you acquire some coaching to arrange for any governing administration profession. Without the need of prior preparing, you stand no chance of getting a government occupation. You will discover many superior federal government work opportunities on supply every 12 months. These federal government lender individuals also are very well paid out. There are work for financial institution officers referred to as probationary officers. These posts are marketed in all significant newspapers. Central governing administration officers are certainly effectively paid. Just the perfect are chosen immediately after very careful scrutiny. Exercise for your authorities job needs fantastic self-control. Authorities employment are regarded as privileged positions in culture. Some states recruit consumers to government jobs just about every yr. Quite often these recruitment drives may well come about much more than every year in line with the need. The reason why individuals favor a governing administration job is because of job balance and security. Private sector employees are usually not granted a pension immediately after retirement. That is a terrific profit to federal government people. You will find a gradual shift lately toward private sector jobs. The pay back scales during the private sector are much better than from the governing administration sector. While you get older, you get promoted. Talent and tricky work are well rewarded in personal corporations. Seniority does rely although not substantially. For those who usually are not inclined to operate very difficult, you may not be in a place to contend while using the countless applicants.

Cheapest shared webhosting in India – pay in Indian Rupees

Due to the falling exchange rate of the Indian Rupee, we have been comparing shared web hosting prices of major webhosting providers in India in an effort to find the lowest prices
All prices are for Linux/Cpanel webhosting with a script installer (Fantastico/Softaculous). Comparing Webhosting prices of major/high profile webhosting companies in India as of August 2013 , the following prices are available.

Starter package/1 domain
Bigrock.in – Rs 139/month
Hostdime.in – Rs 199/month
Speedhost.in – Rs 100/month
Hostgator.in – Rs 320/month
Squarebothers.com – Rs 999/year
Resellerclub – Rs 240/month

Unlimited domains/web space
Bigrock.in – Rs 559/month (min 3 months)
Hostdime.in – Rs 549 /month (IP address)
Speedhost.in – Rs 400/month
Hostgator.in – Rs 540 /month (IP address)
Squarebothers.com – Rs 3499/year
Resellerclub – Rs 330/month

The Hostgator prices consider a 20% discount on the first invoice.
For Hostdime.in,Hostgator , an additional 12.36% service tax has to be paid. Currently Hostdime offers a discount coupon of 20% on shared webhosting plans.

However, most of the above web hosting packages will be underutilized by most webmasters/ websites . The cheapest webhosting package in India costs just Rs 9 for the first month (all inclusive) for 5 MB webspace, which is sufficient for most static websites. This cheapest webhosting package in India can be purchased online or a request for customised webhosting based on your budget can be made as needed.

MySQL databases vs static websites

Most open source scripts use mySQL databases, but there are several disadvantages which we have observed over a period of time.
1.These websites take up a lot of server resources, CPU usage
2. Bandwidth used by these websites is more for the same number of visitors compared to static websites.
3. When there is a connectivity problem with the mySQL server, all the websites are inaccessible, and have to be reinstalled again at times. They are also more likely to be hacked.
4. At times, they are not properly indexed by search engines and do not rank well.
5. When advertising code(javascript) are used on these websites, it loads very slowly, resulting in a loss of page views and advertising revenue.
So despite having used a number of open source and paid website scripts for different applications, some are reverting to static html websites and focussing on website content.