Guest posts + links

In a bid to get the ever elusive links, many website owners offer guest posts to bloggers.  In some cases, the guest posts are automatically published using an article distribution service. The blogger has to provide a user name and password  for the guest posts. However, some time these permissions are misused to publish unlimited number of articles, some with questionable content.

Past history

When you want a particular domain for your a website you plan to start immediately or some time in the future, you usually have no means to know its past history. You just check a domain , if it is available, you pay the registration fees and register it.

A few days ago , I got a phone call from KPMG Pune , asking whether I was working with fits information technology (or some thing like that).  I  told him that I had no idea about the company at all and was not associated with it in any manner.

I had wanted to sell advertising on my niche websites,  advertising that , that is why the domain was registered. Unfortunately , there are a lot of misconceptions, and no one bothers to listen to both the parties point of view.

Domain names

Anyone can register any domain name available. 

If  you pay a registrar the annual registration or renewal fee, you can use it for your blog , website or forum.  Just as there is no restriction on the number of books you buy, there is no limit on the number of domains you can register for a year, provided you can afford to pay the annual registration fees.

Unfortunately , most people are not aware of this.