Economics of online publishing

Many believe that running a network of websites is lucrative, but like offline publishing, it often does not make the publisher rich. If an online publisher is partnering with a US ad network and and generates a gross revenue of $4000, the ad network will have $2000 as its 50% revenue share for its marketing, coding, hosting and other expenses.

Of the remaining $2000, more than $ 1000 has to be spent on domain registrations, renewal, hosting and advertising fees, expenses, leaving about $500-800 for the online publisher. Verisign is based in USA and so are most of the other major internet companies, so the US economy gets a boost. This does not cover the other expenses, which are not documented, but are a part of doing business.  Often, an online publisher has his or her own websites because it is a hobby , to learn something new and to have complete editorial control.