Link removal fees

Removing links has become a lucrative business

Links can be a steady source of traffic, so retaining them is advisable in many cases.

Websites vs People

The owner of a popular website is harassed in many ways, some people think that by buying or forcing the webmaster to sell the website they will earn a steady source of revenue. If it is only a low maintenance content website, earning revenue through PPC advertising, it may continue earning money, but if it is selling a product or providing jobs, it may not work out as expected. They discount the experience and skills of the owner of the website, who can simply switch to another domain name and build a similar website.

On the other hand, many people and companies online do not care about developing and maintaining relationships. You ban an individual for life as a publisher, then expect him or her to spend money as an advertiser. Submitting shoddy work, making false accusations are routine for some of the “freelancers” . Even some of the largest e-commerce companies in the country have no qualms sending defective products to their regular customers. Why do they have no respect for their customer’s money?