The dark side of the internet

An individual/company planning to invest a significant amount of time and money online should be aware of the following facts:
1. Online people who make false accusations against an innocent person without any proof at all, will often have more supporters than the innocent person who is being framed.

2. One of the most popular blogging scripts has a number of hidden backdoors. If a blogger uses a popular spam prevention plugin with this script, all the legitimate comments from visitors will disappear and only spam comments will remain. This is true for many scripts / themes/plugins for this CMS, even though every time the blogging software is used, there is a link to the main blog software site.

3. A widely used directory script has a paid version and a free version. In the free version, all submitted links relevant to the niche disappear. If the paid version of the script is used, the number of submitted links in a year is lower than the links submitted to the free version of the directory script in a month. When a user uses a free script, he or she links to the script developers website , so that they get free traffic, but still the script developers are greedy and use dirty tactics.

Design vs cost

While managing websites, the webmaster has to choose between design and cost. For building a blog network, the resources used by a single blog are to be minimized. So a basic wordpress blog (like this one) will take up only 15-20 MB of webspace initially and at least 4-5 blogs can be hosted in a single shared web hosting account. A shared web hosting account with unlimited addon domains can be used, and multiple blogs or websites installed.

However, a blog using graphics, multiple plugins and addons (e.g ) can use up to 50 MB web space in less than 3 months. For these blogs/websites, it is advisable to use shared hosting with a single domain name, as they also use other resources like CPU and memory. Having multiple such blogs on a single basic web hosting account may lead to overusage of resources and penalties.