Shopping Cart vs. Paypal button for your ecommerce website

Should i sell online using paypal or shopping cart

So, you’ve decided to sell online. Or it could be your business requires donation online.  You may have researched on the best way to do that. Some friends may have advised you against it as it is too costly. Some may have said it is too complex. Other people may caution you that you can use paypal button and put it against 3-4 products you want to sell  and create free paypal account to get your payment.

Using Shopping Cart for Online Business.

But is the above method really a good way to sell online ? And is it really that costly to have an e-commerce  website. First of all it is very good to research all this online and on expert forums etc. before making a decision. Simply going by your friend or brother-in-law’s advice is not the ideal method. They may not know so much about e-commerce sector. The fact is that it is not that costly to go and sell online. No you do not need to spend lakhs or even thousands.  What you can do is even have a basic e-commerce website on shared hosting and be able to sell your products.  Also, why should you just sell 3-4 products and copy paypal buttons ?  You can use  a proper shopping cart for this which any shopping cart developer loves.

Basic e-commerce website

Do not get alarmed with the above advice. There are plenty of ways to get a cheap e-commerce  website made and there are many free shopping carts.   A shopping cart is much detailed and much better than a paypal button. It is a complete system in itself for e-commerce allowing people to stock their products and sell them online providing prices and product details. Shopping carts are available free of cost as well thanks to open source development.  Copying paypal button code and customizing it for product 1 by 1 used to happen in old days. Now paypal can be used as payment gateway in shopping cart itself.

The free shopping carts are generally available in php technology and you may need help of a php developer for helping use that shopping cart.  But you can also do it yourself in spare time. You can find out many free shopping carts simply by typing in google search engine and studying and ranking them.

What else do i need for e-commerce ?

But please remember only shopping cart instead of paypal button is not the solution in totality for your website. You will also need hosting and shared hosting of good quality host can be bought. It is also very advisable to provide security for your website using SSL certificate. SSL certificate ensures customer have more confidence on your website. Last but not the least, you need to market your e-commerce website online which is a very difficult task, because you have to make Google Devta (Google God) happy with offering of good content and links which are relevant and not got by cheating. If you don’t do evil and Google Demi god is happy, you will surely get blessings on your website.

This article was written in a most simplied form by Mr. Sethi, owner of Ecommerce development company with many years of experience.

Defining quality

One of the biggest fallacies is related to quality of websites. The quality of any product is directly proportional to the price paid by the customer /end user. If the customer/end user is not even willing to pay enough to cover the cost of production/raw material , how can the supplier produce a high quality product? For example a customer cannot pay Rs 1000 and expect to buy a high end computer with all features, which will last for years. Why should the supplier or manufacturer supply by making a loss, does he or she run a non profit or charity?

For websites /blogs, the customer /end user is often the ad network whose advertisement/text links are placed on the blog. Some ad networks pay large amounts per click, others pay less than 0.04 cents per month. The website owner earns very little, just enough to cover the cost of web hosting /domain registration, yet is expected to spend time, money and have a good looking blog. If only high traffic websites should exist online, the domain registrant should be informed when he or she registers the first domain, not after spending thousands of dollars and many years of his or her life.

Do those who criticize the website quality pay or help the website owner in any way? No they do not. They are just trying to eliminate a possible competitor and unfortunately they have no empathy, ethics, decency or humanity.

Choice of registrars for domain names

At times, webmasters chooses a local registrar due to considerations like payment in local currency, support , legal issues .
A reseller registrar is often able to offer better bulk pricing.
However, keeping your own domains in a reseller account has many disadvantages
False rumours are spread that the domains belong to “customers” , driving away potential buyers
None of these “customers” will post their allegations publicly, so that their claim can be disputed, but are considered to be reliable, telling the truth
If there were some customers, they would have at least paid renewal fees.
Now payment is from the pocket, and it very difficult to sell domains, since many believe that they belong to these fictitious customers
1 domain sale could have covered renewal expenses.
Non-reseller registrars have a marketplace for listing the domains.
They also pay money for parking the domains with them. domain sell for $500-600, but the best offers got while listing the domains at forums are $12.
It is difficult to contact potential buyers since all emails are intercepted.