Transporting your Computer

IT relocation is a specialised field. This is largely due to the fact that not only is the equipment itself usually valuable but the data stored on the equipment may be irreplaceable. Loss of data is a major challenge faced by companies and if the data belongs to a customer or third party there could be even more serious ramifications in terms of loss of business or even legal action.

It is therefore vital that when considering computer transport a variety of factors are taken into consideration. It is simply not good enough to load the equipment into a van or in some cases even a car boot and assume this valuable equipment will arrive at its destination in one piece and with all its data intact. Whether moving one server to another site a mile away or moving an entire data centre department across the globe it is important to use a specialist company and in order to find the right provider a certain amount of research is needed.

First of all how does a company offering computer transport respond to your initial enquiry? Do they offer a quote quickly and in a professional manner and do you feel confident in the customer service they provide during this first contact? If they can’t deal with a simple request for information in a timely and efficient manner then how can you feel confidence in their ability to handle the actual relocation itself?

Once you have had a quote you are happy with you then need to ensure that the actual relocation goes as smoothly as possible. Your chosen provider should recognise that the client has made considerable investment in their technology and they should be aware of this at all times during the process. They should treat every project individually and appoint an experienced and dedicated project manager who will view the computer transport process as a partnership between the client and provider. In addition there should be flexibility and 24 hour access to help and advice in case there are last minute issues or changes to the original plan are needed.

A reputable provider of server transport and IT relocations will be aware of any regulatory responsibilities their client has as well as any processes around international relocations, such as Customs and Excise for example, and they should work within the necessary framework to make sure that the equipment is delivered safely and on time. Other than where airfreight is concerned your company of choice should not be subcontracting your computer transport to another provider who may not have the expertise or experience of the company you originally contracted to do the job for you.

So in order to be confident that your servers or other IT equipment will be moved quickly, safely and without any loss of hardware or data you need to find a company that has a proven track record of being able to carry out this very specialised service. By asking the right questions and working with a company you trust you can leave your computer transport needs in the hands of an expert and focus on other areas of your business.

Talent acquisition techniques

Probably, the most disgusting aspects of working online are the talent acquisition techniques used by internet companies in India. A person who is hardworking, sincere, experienced and spending large amounts online will be subjected to continuous harassment and persecution which includes
1.Identity theft
2.Unwillingness to acknowledge a customer who has spent tens of thousands of dollars (don’t provide the mobile number to the customer)
3.Not willing to give credit for the work done by the business owner/staff
4.Encouraging and protecting hackers who make the life of webmasters difficult
5.Putting business owners under surveillance for several years
6.Encouraging and protecting blackmailers and extortionists.
7.Promoting frauds, backstabbers and bandwidth thieves

Instead of having the grace and decency to acknowledge merit and make a request for assistance or consultancy, the internet companies behave in such an unscrupulous behaviour , that they force investors/experienced webmasters to look elsewhere. They do not realise that for some people, ethics/company culture are more important than money or working with a “big” company.