Faking experience and achievement

Like http://www.firstpost.com/sports/ibl-auction-mystery-why-pradnya-was-worth-more-than-ponnappa-982867.html
It appears to be the hallmark of the Indian internet industry, the same story is repeated many times.
When an entrepreneur has spent a lot of money and time online.
Encourage, protect and support blackmailers and extortionists to harass her, who cannot produce a shred of proof to support their lies.
Subject her to identity theft.
Have their mediocre fraud cunning crooked girlfriends and relatives put the entrepreneur under surveillance, so that they earn lakhs in easy money.
The fraud girlfriends and relatives will never spend the time and money the entrepreneur has, but are very unscrupulous and greedy to claim credit.
Currently this webmaster is fighting attempts from multiple frauds with powerful backers, who are faking her experience and achievement, by putting her under surveillance.
All of them are technical incompetent, being greedy liars is their greatest achievement.

Domain names vs real estate

Many powerful people think that domain names are like real estate and by harassing, persecuting the private citizen who has registered the domain name and grabbing it, they will become very rich. There is a finite amount of real estate available, but the number of domain names available is practically unlimited.

So a single webmaster is subjected to continuous persecution and harassment in the hope of grabbing the domain name, which includes identity theft and organized stalking. Their fraud cunning relative or friend will falsely claim to be doing all the work(when they are not doing anything), and others will believe it, since the fraud has dishonest relatives and friends to support the claim. All the online activities of the webmaster are closely monitored, so that their fraud relatives can make their false claims accurately.

Unfortunately, they are sadly mistaken. There will be very few domains which make a domain registrant rich just by owning the domain name. To make money from most other domain names, the website has to be developed. This will take a lot of time, money and skills, which are not easily found and it is often difficult to reach the break even point. The other option is to outsource website development which is very expensive.

So we hope poweful people learn that domain names are an often risky investment, the returns on which can be negative or low, if the domain registrant does not have the relevant skills and stop wasting their time harassing webmasters and domain investors in the hope of becoming rich quickly.