How greedy, ungrateful, dishonest domain registrars in India score a self goal and destroy the entire internet industry

Some of the largest domain registrars in India score a self goal with rampant corruption, nepotism and treating customers badly by subjecting them to numerous identity theft attempts.

They think taking over their customers business is their birthright. If they fail to do so immediately , they make the life of the customer miserable by
1. Putting the customer under surveillance for years
2. Ensuring that he or she gets no help at all even for simple things as directions.
3. Protecting, encouraging,showering privileges on every liar who claims to be involved in the domain registrants/webmaster business, without spending a single penny or doing any work.
4. Ignoring, ostracizing and insulting their loyal customers who spend their hard earned money with the domain registrar, these registrars are not even willing to acknowledge their customers, but lie to them and take their money.
5. Protecting, encouraging and supporting every blackmailer and extortionist who make blatantly false allegations of payment to their loyal customers without any proof.

They should realize that when the arrangement is very unfair to the domain registrant/webmaster, he or she will look for other options
Why should the webmaster do the following
1. Spend time and money on domain registration
2. Spend time and money on web hosting
3. Spend time and money on developing content and website
only to have an unscrupulous liar falsely claim to be involved in a business, get unlimited support. Additionally the fraud will be given great powers, allowed to subject the webmaster to organized stalking .
The liar will not spend any money on domains and webhosting, only on fashionable clothes, but be showered with privileges for falsely claiming to be involved in the webmasters business.

Now the corrupt domain registrar could easily take over the business, by making some fake excuse, but no one is aware of the technical aspects . After all no one wants to work hard, spend many years learning new things, they just want easy money by taking advantages of the honesty and hard work of a webmaster.

They have showered privileges on their girlfriends, who put the webmaster under surveillance , and ensure that she does not get any help when she even asks for directions. These girlfriends think it is their birthright to take over a business, without spending a single penny, doing any work. Why should any webmaster tolerate such an unfair deal?

By doing this the domain registrar and their management have shown their true colours – greedy, ungrateful, short sighted,unable to credit where it is due, with massive egos.

Why don’t their girlfriends and relative spend money on domain names or START A BUSINESS OF THEIR OWN, instead of falsely claiming to be involved in a business, without the business owners knowledge or permission?

End result the webmaster will reduce spending money on domains, how will the domain registrar CEO like if any one visits his home or office and takes things without his knowledge or permission.It is very unfair for the webmaster spending his or her hard earned money, to have all the privileges stolen by the friends and relatives of the domain registrar,

When no domains are registered why will webhosting be needed?

Eventually, very little money will be spent online, just because of the massive ego, greed, dishonesty and ungratefulness of the domain registrar, who is extremely unwilling to give credit where it is due.