Poor internet infrastructure in India

India has poor internet infrastructure, many government officials do not have official email ids, even aadhar cards are signed using free gmail ids.
The corruption in the indian internet industry is unprecedented, some people are given many powers but are not accountable for the misuse of these powers.

The emphasis is not on building the internet infrastructure only on destroying and harassing innocent and hardworking webmasters, to enrich government officials.
Domain investors and webmasters are lied to, intentionally denying important information, so that the webmaster makes expensive mistakes, wasting time and money.
Why is so much time and tax payer money wasted on destroying a person’s life and business, instead of building, just to enrich corrupt government officials, their friends and relatives?
Being the girlfriend or relative of a powerful person is more important than merit, experience or hard work

Experienced webmasters are continuously harassed and money extorted from them to pay the ‘simple housewife” or “mother of a kid” who is a relative of powerful officials.

Backdoors in both windows operating system and zte 3g usb modems are exploited to hack into the laptops of webmasters, to control of these laptops, controlling internet access.
Unfortunately, this cybercrime remains unpunished, with the cybercriminal showered with privileges by the government officials for their cybercrimes.
These people will shamelessly intercept and divert emails to and from a webmaster, stealing customer orders and leads, destroying the business. They know they will remain unpunished.

Identity thieves who do not spend a single paisa and do not have any technical knowledge are worshiped and given great powers for their acts of betrayal. These government officials have no qualms shamelessly misusing the name of a webmaster behind her back, when they they do not have the guts to face her and justify their greedy exploitation and misuse of her name.