Negative attitude

Engineering is about building things, often from scratch, where nothing exists. In the few cases, where demolition is needed, it is only to reconstruct the structure again. However, in the internet industry, the focus is mainly on destroying, reputations, computers, internet connections, by spreading some of the most false and malicious rumours possible.

Reputations are ruined by spreading false rumours, the most malicious gossip that is possible, completely untrue, it appears that the art of fabricating lies is extremely important.
Laptops and computers are rendered non functional by exploiting security flaws and backdoors in common operating systems as well as hardware.
This information is known only to government officials, but is used to harass ordinary private citizens
When a person buys a computer, he is entitled to a fully functional product. However, this is not possible for a person who is being targetted, every computer purchased is hacked continuously, often wasting tax payer money just to satisfy the ego of powerful government officials who are jealous of the computer user.

The targetted person may have been an early investor, spending lakhs of his or her hard earned money online.
But unless the investor agrees to form a company with the “mother of a kid” who is a relative of the powerful government official,
the investor will not be allowed to use the internet connection uninterrupted at home, every one minute the connection will be interrupted.

The investor wonders, why do people waste so much time destroying computers, why do they have such a negative attitude. Why not build some thing new in the same time from scratch, something will help you earn money ? Why take such a sadistic pleasure in wasting a person’s time, destroying his or her life, especially when the person has done you no harm? Why do they have such a negative attitude.