Decline in computer sales in India

The newspapers are reporting a significant decline in computer sales in India based on a Gartner study, the number indicate that sales are about 20% lower in the last year. While the decrease in assembled computers is lower at 10%, for laptop sales there has been a decline of 27%. Indian companies like HCL and Wipro are no longer manufacturing laptops, while others have greatly reduced their laptop purchases. While this is officially been attributed to increase in sales of tablets and smartphone, the real reason is the rampant corruption in the IT sector which exploits small business owners. There is no transparency at all, as certain privileged government officials abuse their powers to make unauthorised changes to the laptops of harmless civilians, for identity theft purposes and to promote their undeserving young girlfriends and relatives.

Many corrupt individuals with powerful backers at the government level exploit the backdoors in the software and hardware, to frame innocent individuals. These are extremely cruel, vicious animals in human form, who will misuse the information and knowledge they have to take control of the computer using loopholes in the operating system, commit cybercrimes, and then blame a completely innocent person. Many of the largest internet and software compares are not interested in penalizing these human animals, who harass innocent customers, they take sadistic pleasure in framing the innocent computer user.

Initially, not many people are aware of the nasty tricks of these hackers, but as the number of incidents increase, people become increasingly wary of buying and using laptops and computers. After all who want to lose his or her hard earned money , even if he or she is completely innocent, because of the malicious cybercriminals. Who wants his or her reputation ruined for actions he is not responsible in any way? More and more companies are reverting to paper storage, keeping their records in files. It may be time consuming and inconvenient, but at least no one is wrongly framed, and no innocent person is penalized.

These vicious human animals are extremely merciless in framing an innocent person and spread extremely nasty rumours about the person. Many officials will also steal confidential information from computer users and misuse it. Earlier people did not realise the gravity of the situation, but now these problems are linked almost exclusively to laptop use and abuse of powers. Till the laptop manufacturers lobby to end this nuisance by government officials, laptop owners will postpone the purchase of a new laptop or computer to the extent possible. The greatest threat is faced by laptop owners when they are connected to the internet, so internet usage should be minimized, if the connection is not very secure.

Probably the biggest problem is the lack of transparency, if a person finds that his or her laptop is hacked using a hidden government frequency there is no redressal mechanism. In any other sector, it is relatively easy to initiate action against a person who is misusing his or her powers, even the prime minister or president can be taken to court. In this sector, some people can do whatever they wish, and are extremely confident that they will never be penalized or their misdeeds will affect their career.