Harassment of Indian online exporters Fiverr payments blocked

Most countries provide incentives and all assistance to their online exporters, it is a matter of national pride. Unfortunately, in India, officials take great pride in harassing Indian online exporters as these officials have a hidden agenda to hurt the countries economy, by ensuring that exporters are unable to remit their hard earned money to India.
These greedy corrupt officials want the exporter to give a stake in her business to their young slim lazy girlfriend, who does not want to do any work, only watch TV. Since there is no reason why an exporter will agree to an unfair agreement, these officials are misusing their power to harass the online exporter. They are abusing their powers to spread blatantly false rumours and the the foreign websites that rely on them are misled as they blindly believe these lies.
Fiverr is one such foreign website which is misled by this corrupt official. The online exporter is unable to withdraw funds to the Indian bank account using Payoneer, and fiverr is also not responding to ticket no.598512 . there is no accountability or transparency, no effective grievance redressal mechanism.
Due to mining closure, the banks in the state are facing a loss, yet the exporter is not allowed to transfer money from a foreign account to the indian bank account, so that the money could be spent locally. it just shows the attitude of indian officials, and do everything possible to harm the indian economy.