Google, Competition commission of India and mediocrity in the internet sector

The tone of many of the blogs in our network has been negative mainly because of the terrible human rights atrocitities, cheating, and exploitation the experienced online publisher, webmaster and engineer has been subjected to in the last 4 years, in a very cheap attempt to steal her identity and make the various young lazy cheater girlfriends of powerful officials very rich, powerful at her expense. Google has probably instigated powerful officials in the internet sector to behave in this manner in a cheap bid to destroy competition.

Countries like russia, china, korea, have their own local search engines due to the support local talent has, but in India, tax payer money is wasted to exploit, cheat and abuse experienced webmasters in the worst possible manner, probably instigated by Google while lazy young cheater frauds are given very great powers and important government jobs at the expense of the experienced webmaster after giving them fake references of experience. The shoddy state of affairs in the internet sector can be gauged from the followed.
1.poor cybersecurity
2.nigerian scammers flourish in India, india loses the most money to nigerian scammers in the world
3. No local text link advertising network
4. No web based interface for buying and selling content
5. Theft of email rampant. Other correspondence also stolen
6. Those receiving payment through Paypal are subjected to identity theft attempts as powerful officials allegedly falsely claim that their lazy cheater young girlfriends are involved in the online exporters business to give these girlfriends important government jobs.
7. Identity theft attempts on experienced webmasters as powerful officials allegedly claim that their lazy young cheater girlfriends in their early twenties have twenty years experience to appoint them to permanent government jobs, while the experienced webmaster gets nothing
8. Systematic denial of opportunities
9. Ensuring that experienced non- Brahmin webmasters do not get the references they need, because powerful men will promote their undeserving Brahmin protege, by openly telling the excolleagues of the engineer not to give her the references she needs because she is not a ‘Brahmin” . This ensures that undeserving liar Brahmin women get prestigious engineering degrees overnight because of the false propaganda by their extremely powerful boyfriends and relatives, while the experienced engineer is defamed as an uneducated fool, denied information and opportunities.

How can giving fake references of twenty years experience of the experienced webmaster to lazy young women in their early twenties to appoint them to important permanent government jobs ever be justified??? How can open discrimination because a person is not a Brahmin be justified? Why should the lazy cheater young women including a medical electronics diploma holder and bsc pass, get everything on a platter,without doing anything, just because they have very powerful boyfriends who hate an experienced engineer and webmaster?

Why should the experienced webmaster tolerate this exploitation allegedly by lazy young women and their dishonest powerful boyfriends at the instigation of Google to destroy competition forever??? We are interested in working with companies in india who have also filed a case against google with the competition commission of India

Drone Videography Tips for Beginners

In the event that there is a question that gets asked again and again in the numerous messages I get in light of my Drones and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Series, it is ¨what rigging and segments do you use in your on-going methodology of turning into a capable ethereal picture taker and producer? I will give today’s segment to talk about one of my essential apparatus.

One of my unmanned vehicles of decision is the DJI Phantom, both Phantom 1 and Phantom 2. My choice is focused around size, versatility and unwavering quality. With the learning that the masters from DSLRpros bring to the table, I have redesigned my framework to incorporate the accompanying:

Futaba Control Radio

The Futaba remote control gives the Phantom about double the scope of the standard RC remote, said DSLRpros Associate Josh Hohendorf. ¨in expansion to expanding extend, the association with the specialty is much stronger and diminishes obstructions from outside frequencies that would generally upset the flight of the art. Its offers a mixture of programmable controls that photographic artists and cinematographers much the same can modify their remote to suit their particular shooting need.

Carbon Fiber Propellers

For some time I wrangled about whether I ought to be including these or not. I at last ran with them. ¨carbon Fiber props are an absolute necessity has for anybody utilizing the apparition to catch visual content, ¨ said Hohendorf. ¨the props are far better than the standard plastic propellers all around. Their unbending nature keeps them from curving and twisting like the plastic propellers. Furthermore the unbending configuration interprets into general taking care of execution of the specialty. It can accomplish speedier speeds harder moves and more noteworthy elevations. The propellers are additionally accuracy adjusted. This results in far greater effectiveness over the standard plastic propellers. The art will fly a few minutes longer with the lighter and more adjusted propeller. A standard propeller will create a lot of vibration into the edge of the craft.

Anti Gravity Motors

The repulsive force engines give progressed execution over the stock motors, ¨ clarifies Hohendorf. Stock engines show less proficiency in the ranges of force and execution and will oblige dismantling and upkeep after a short while. The repulsive force engines are more productive. The engines will never oblige upkeep. The orientation will hold their grease for the life of the engine. Also the engine will fly more and expend less power doing so. Repulsive force engines turns at a higher upheaval than the standard engines giving the art more noteworthy paces and more flight times. UAV rental in Toronto is available from Sky Snap.

First Person View System

For those not acquainted with this idea, First Person View (FPV) alludes to a technique used to pilot a radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot’s perspective point. The vehicle is either determined or guided remotely from a first-individual viewpoint by means of a locally available Polaroid, nourished remotely to feature goggles or a feature monitor. ¨fpv by and large means RC pilots can introduce little Polaroids onto the nose of RC planes or helicopters to give the pilot a virtual feeling of flying the specialty onboard, ¨ said Hohendo.

Aerial Videography Drones Available for Rent in Canada by Sky Snap

On the off chance that you have been looking for elevated videography rambles for rent in the Toronto territory, you have arrived at the correct spot. You can lease an ethereal U AV ramble from our Toronto flying photography and videography organization at the absolute most aggressive rates in our general vicinity. The ethereal videography rambles that you lease from our Toronto territory business are the absolute most used and state-of-the-symbolization bits of photography and videography gear in our industry. We have been helping our customers by making the absolute most definite and prudent ethereal media in the business sector. The perfect quality and staggering pictures that you will get from our photography and videography unmanned aeronautical vehicles or UAV’s will most without a doubt inspire you.

No Indian text link ad network – promoting mediocrity, cheaters and frauds

Almost every country has its own text link ad network so that webmasters can sell text link advertising on their websites. This remains a very lucrative option to PPC and CPM advertising, which are completely dominated by Google. If Google bans a webmaster from Google Adsense, the other options are not at all lucrative.
A list of major text link ad networks in other countries which flourish due to the support the powerful officials in charge of the internet sector are
1. Backl* , Linka*, Matomy* – US
2. TN* , sap* – russia
3. Backlinksgen* , backl* – UK
4. Mag* – Slovakia, a very small country compared to India, with a fraction of the population

However, in India since experienced webmasters in India get zero support and are subjected to human rights abuses, exploitation and cheating, identity theft attempts for many years, by the cruel powerful men in charge of the internet sector in india, naturally no indian internet advertising company can flourish in india, especially dealing in text link advertising . Indian publishers have to remain at the mercy of google and paypal to make money from their websites.

Both these companies are allegedly involved in a very cheap and cruel attempt at identity theft on experienced webmasters in India encouraging extremely powerful officials to subject the innocent webmaster to many human rights atrocities, theft of retirement savings, rewarding everyone who cheats and loots the webmaster with permanent government jobs at the expense of the webmaster, claiming that the young conwomen have the experience, investments and qualifications of the victim. .

When the experienced webmaster used foreign ad networks for selling text link advertising , allegedly a young fraud who commited corporate espionage on her, siddhi mandrekar, gets all credit and powers because of the lack of honesty and integrity in the internet sector, as powerful officials falsely give their young cheater girlfriend . It is disgusting how the young kim kardashian look alike cheater and fraud siddhi against whom the experienced webmaster would like to file a case under section 420 gets credit for all the revenues, an indication of ungrateful indian internet companies are to their customers, how they protect cheaters and frauds. There are reports that other young women whose names are riddhi, sunaina, nayanshree hathwar and others also are allegedly similarly rewarded with government jobs for fraud on the experienced webmaster and domain investor in india.

Why do powerful officials in the indian internet sector insist on giving their lazy young girlfriends credit for the revenues of experienced webmasters? why can they not acknowledge the truth, that the young women are just their girlfriends, not connected to the webmaster in any way. why should the experienced webmaster tolerate the exploitation by powerful officials indefinitely for the benefit of their lazy cheater young girlfriends?

If anyone knows of a indian text link ad network, which sells text link advertising on static websites, blog, blogrolls, kindly let us know by sending an email to
We have a large network of websites for selling text link advertising