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The internet sector in india allegedly has very high levels of fraud, cheating and dishonesty with lazy inexperienced young cheater women considered to be role models by the most powerful men in the indian internet industry who give these crooked young women, their girlfriends , fake references of twenty years experience to appoint them to important government jobs falsely claiming that the young women are experienced webmasters when these crooked greedy dishonest women have never even managed a single website.

These cruel robotic men who control the internet sector in india are shameless,claiming to be concerned about honesty and integrity, when they themselves protect and promote known cheaters. For example, allegedly goa’s crooked greedy liar medical electronics diploma holder whose original name was siddhi mandrekar, committed corporate espionage on an experienced webmaster, but instead of being punished for her crime, has been fraudulently given a very important government job as reward for the fraud, falsely claiming that she was the experienced webmaster. Similarly bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar who cheated the webmaster of more than Rs 1.1 lakh,has again been fraudulently given a very important government job as reward for cheating, falsely claiming that she was the experienced webmaster, when she has never managed a website. Additionally in goa, associates of bsc pass sunaina are hacking the computer of the experienced webmaster, to get the lazy liar mediocre sunaina great powers at the expense of the webmaster.

Domain registrars in India will often take money from a customer, and then falsely claim that the domain or website belongs to their young glamorous girlfriends who actually do not spend a single penny on the domain names, to get them many powers at the expense of the experienced webmaster. These are very powerful officials in the internet sector, making false claims, hence it will advisable to use webmaster tools like abongo, to check the real ownership of the website, DNS, Reverse DNS, Whois, Ping, TraceRoute Host and Page Rank, and ask the person who has got references from the powerful official to provide documents to prove their identity. The person paying the bills for domain registration and renewal, cannot prevent powerful officials from making false claims behind his or her back, but can at least ensure that the official records available online are correct.

When these mediocre inexperienced young cheater girlfriends of powerful men are put in charge of the internet in india, naturally an experienced webmaster can only expected an increase in network problems, as these women have no experience managing websites. Fake references from extremely powerful men infatuated with women half their age in india, will not make these young lazy cheaters experts overnight. Names may have changed.

Fake references of experience in the internet sector

The level of dishonesty in the indian internet sector cannot be allegedly matched anywhere else, as powerful officials will falsely claim that their lazy young liar girlfriends and housewives like nayanshree hathwar in their early twenties are experienced webmasters and engineers with twenty years experience to appoint them to very important government jobs at the expense of a really experienced webmaster who gets nothing, because of the big fraud on her by powerful men who are not accountable to anyone. These women have not even ever worked as engineers but have powerful men making false claims on their behalf,
How can a person in her early twenties have twenty years work experience as an engineer, most engineering colleges give admission only to 16 or 17 years, and most engineers are at least twenty one when they get their degree. No major engineering company will give a job to a person without an engineering degree, yet these dishonest men who HATE a single woman engineer, will falsely claim that their various young girlfriends have twenty years experience, to appoint them to important government jobs.

Why do these powerful men think that their obvious fraud will not be exposed, Just checking their real educational qualification, or even voter id card, will provide the real age, expose the lies of these powerful men and their young cheater girlfriends. Are these men fools that they make such blatantly false claims, or are they extremely powerful, thinking that no one can expose their obvious fraud. Why should the indian government waste tax payer money to overpay young women, who do not have the experience, qualification or investment which they or their boyfriends falsely claim that they have?

For example, these powerful dishonest men are allegedly extremely overjoyed with bangalore’s cheater housewife friend nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar who looted more than Rs 1,1 lakh from a single woman engineer, that they tell everyone that their cheater friend nayanshree has the experience and qualification of the engineer she cheated, when nayanshree hathwar has never ever worked as an engineer, and has no engineering qualification.

. In another case, a medical electronics diploma holder who gave her name as siddhi mandrekar , commited corporate espionage on the single woman engineer, and was again allegedly rewarded with a very important job in the government for the fraud, faking experience of the engineer. In a third case, a bsc slim young woman, sunaina was allegedly falsely introduced as a major domain investor by a powerful official as reward for stalking the engineer, again faking experience. There are many other women who are cheating in a similar fashion, how much cheating should be tolerated.

Why do these powerful men make such blatantly false claims of experience, why should the person whose experience has been misused by young women, who now harass her, keep quiet, why should indian tax payer money be wasted on the salary of undeserving women. Why are there no audit or systems in place, to prevent powerful men abusing the system, to get great powers for their lazy mediocre friends , why does the woman whose experience has been misused find it difficult to get justice.