Why working online in India is the worst career option for honest and hardworking people

Except for ecommerce, there is hardly any big indian internet company because it is probably the only sector where experienced honest hardworking webmasters and domain investors are subjected to human rights abuses for years without a valid reason, unable to end the atrocities , their retirement savings stolen, defamed as having an illegal business without proof by government agencies allegedly CBI/RAW/military intelligence . In most other sectors, offline, a hardworking and honest experienced person will be treated with respect, not subjected to defamation without proof, cheap identity theft attempts. Companies will take money from customers and refuse to provide information they need  .

later when the business has been proved to be legal the same dishonest cruel careless and arrogant  officials  who brutally defamed the experienced webmaster will expect the person whose life they have cruelly and ruthlessly destroyed to form a company with their mediocre lazy liar cheater girlfriends and relatives. these officials will never have the grace to admit their mistake, or apologize for the damage caused to an innocent person or offer any compensation. The most selfish, inhuman , greedy and dishonest individuals can be found online in the indian internet sector

On the hand mediocre lazy liar cheater greedy cruel young women with powerful friends and relatives are rewarded for cheating and betraying the experienced webmaster with very important government jobs, falsely claiming that they have the experience, qualification, knowledge, skills, of the experienced woman webmaster they brutally cheated and exploited.  these women then have powers to steal all important correspondence of their victim, making their victim a virtual prisoner.

Not only will the honest hardworking woman webmaster and domain investor who has been cheated by mediocre lazy liar frauds find it impossible to get any justice, even if proof has been provided like bangalore cybercrime which refuses to take action against cheater nayanshree hathwar, they will find that powerful officials also expect them to reward the cheaters, backstabbers and stalkers with a stake in her business for harassing her. Allegedly powerful officials are falsely claiming that the inexperienced cheater nayanshree hathwar has the experience, qualifications, investment and skills of the experienced webmaster she cheated. There are other women like  siddhi mandrekar, who has commited corporate espionage, but instead of being punished, has been rewarded with an important job at the expense of her victim.

These powerful men, will not think that their great expectations for their darling girlfriends are unrealistic, they will also waste tax payer money to give these dangerous cheaters powers of surveillance over the woman they have cheated, leaving the victim even more vulnerable to attack, blackmail and extortion by the cheater. They will also falsely give credit to these cheaters and stalkers for all the revenues of her victim, though these cheaters do not do anything. Ending these false rumours can be a very difficult task.

For example the mediocre cheater  nayanshree hathwar mentioned above, cannot even write a paragraph in proper english, but because of her powerful friends and relatives who want to make her rich and powerful overnight,  she has allegedly been given charge of all english content exports  from india and local content. Would a person who cannot write english be put in charge of any english newspaper, magazine or publishing house offline? Few would accept this obvious farce, but in the indian internet sector, only mediocre frauds like nayanshree hathwar get the very lucrative government salary, pension and great powers.

Similarly bsc sunaina/stock broker asmita patel have never invested a single paisa on domain names, bsc sunaina does not have an ebay account, but have got great powers, access to confidential information, lucrative opportunities,  due to false claims by powerful officials at the expense of the real domain investor and ebay seller who has got nothing. similarly a cruel fraud siddhi mandrekar has never managed a website, but officials falsely claim that she is an experienced webmaster and have given the fraud siddhi mandrekar, great powers, which she abuses to attack the webmaster she brutally cheated,

Anyone offline will acknowledge that it is very unfair to reward the cheaters for looting an experienced webmaster,  and expect the victim to also reward people who have cheated and exploited her with a stake in the business she has developed with great sacrifice, as these people will only exploit her further, make her life hell. However, this aspect will not be known, to people who are not well connected, who will waste their time and money to find out this dangerous and unfair aspect of the indian internet sector.  Additionally the retirement savings of more than twenty years of  domain investors are also stolen by government agencies allegedly cbi,  without a valid reason, allegedly for identity theft purposes.

After this aspect will be known that most positions are reserved for mediocre lazy liar cheaters from well connected families or with powerful friends , most people will opt out, and the internet sector, loses experienced people. In most other professions, people continue till retirement, and train other people, so people do not have to reinvent the wheel. Till real merit and experience becomes the most important criteria for appointment to important jobs in the indian internet sector , honest hardworking people should  stay away as they will do much better in almost any other profession as fraud levels are much lower and honest experienced people are not subjected to cheating, exploitation and human rights abuses on a daily basis.

Names may have changed for different reasons.