DNS propagation delays in India

Till 2-3 weeks ago there were no dns propagation delays in india, every thing was operated very efficiently. However, in the last one week there have been very major problems faced for both webhosts, webmasters , online publishers in India. DNS propagation is greatly delayed taking more than 48 hours, resulting in great financial losses and waste of time. Is there a fault in the DNS system of verisign for.com domains in india or is it intentional sabotage, by an official who knows that she will not be held accountable.

As a domain investor, every webmaster and online publisher has a right to know, to question, and find out what exactly the problem is. If the official is intentionally doing this for personal reasons, why is there no action taken against her? Why is she allowed to use the DNS system as her personal property to harass specific webmasters, when she is getting a salary, and is expected to work professionally? Why is the official allowed to run amok? The domain investors pay verisign an annual renewal fee for .com domains, and if the dns is controlled by inexperienced unprofessional individuals who use for settling personal scores or are bribed by corporates to harass specific domain investors then the domain investor would rather buy other domains whose dns is professionally managed.

There were allegations that tata and google were buying fake references of twenty years experience for a young diploma holder siddhi mandrekar and other cheater women like nayanshree hathwar with no experience, now has this young woman been put in charge of dns in India? Having got everything on a platter, because her powerful friends like sameer halepete, have brutally exploited and cheated an experienced single woman , is she now causing havoc targeting specific webmasters and web hosts in india? Why is it so difficult for the stake holders spending their hard earned money online, to find out who is responsible for the mess. Why are google, and tata so eager to protect and promote incompetent liars and cheaters, to put them in charge of dns in india.

Very significant DNS propagation delays for .com domains in India, anyone else facing this problem in India?