Attempt to block visitors,lose visitors

Web hosting in India results in a unique set of problems as powerful officials and others try to reduce the number of vistors to a website by tampering with the website files. The stats for the first few days were zero. For example, for , some unknown cunning corrupt hacker had uploaded .htaccess as deny all , so that the website would not get indexed in search engines, and also not get any visitors.
Who is this unknown individual, acting in a such an evil manner.
what is his or her motivation, is it jealousy or paid corporate espionage?
The webmaster had to waste time troubleshooting and removing the .htaccess file, which follows a pattern of sabotage.
That is the reason why surveillance should be stopped for webmasters, it allows hackers to sabotage whatever they are doing, without ever being punished, and the webmaster has to waste time, checking the websites periodically. Emails are already stolen, why are domain investors subjected to so much persecution, making it impossible to earn a fair living online, get any returns on their investment.