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There are many reasons for using free webhosting services – lack of funds, poorly formulated government policies which are misused for harassing webmasters and identity theft, review or researching business models. There is also no transparency or redressal mechanism for stakeholders to correct the flaws in the system. A webmaster signing up with a free webhost has no great expectations, if the webhosting is reliable, it is an added bonus.

This is a list of free webhosting providers under review, we hope to make the most comprehensive list of free webhosting providers. Based on the hosts reviewed till date most of the free hosts do not use the conventional cpanel webhosting most paid webhosts used, but have their own custom control panels and script installers. Reviewing a webhost is time consuming, so this list will be updated periodically

Awardspace – free hosting is used as a sales promotion to get customers who may then upgrade to paid web hosting. like most free webhosts only one domain is allowed for the webhosting plan, one email and one mySQL database. only 2 free scripts can be installed. domain name can be changed from within the control panel. awardspace has data centers in US, UK and Germany, which is an advantage for webmasters interested in non US webhosting. Their cheapest paid plan starts from $1.99/year which is very economical.
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web hosting – free webhosting is used for promoting the .nf domain registry. a risk of using free webhosting is that the password can be changed by unscrupulous hackers and it is difficult to get any kind of support. The features of this webhosting are similar to Awardspace, and may be used for trial or test sites or for link building.

Byethosting is another free webhosting provider. The signup process is different from other free webhosting providers as the user has to specify the nature of the website. If the “personal” option is selected, only a subdomain is provided, and there is no option for configuring a domain name for the webhosting package. provides free web hosting, but the webhosting is ad supported

This agency used by the webhosting companies to verify the identity of Indian customers is very corrupt, they are always shamelessly promoting their girlfrieds, relatives and stooges at the expense of the real customer who is spending her hard earned money. We have spent large amounts on paid webhosting with many webhosts like Site5, Hostgator, Bluehost, but only suffered a lot of harassment, as the websites were suspended or deleted.It is painful when huge amounts are spent, but the webhost does not have the courtesy of informing the customer when the website is deleted without notice. For how long should the webmaster tolerate powerful people falsely claiming that payment is made by their friends and relatives who are not spending a single penny?

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