I own a lot of websites and domains.  Unfortunately, in the last few months a lot of blatantly false rumours have been spread about me.

In this  blog, I will try to explain domains, web hosting in simple language, what is usual in this industry. If anyone can prove that any of the facts stated in the blog are incorrect, please let me know.

Part of the useful.in network.

Content by Neena Kumtakar, Except when bank details are provided, names may be changed , resemblance to any real person is strictly coincidental, but the modus operandi remains valid.

This is not managed by the reed thin girlfriend or architect girlfriend of powerful people trying to steal credit from a hard working webmaster.

Notice : Please note that siddhi mandrekar,sunaina, kalpita nabar, nayanshree hathwar, riddhi caro,asmita patel, ruchika kinger and others are NOT affiliated with this website in any way, though the most powerful officials in the indian internet industry, ceos, google and tata falsely claim that these women own these websites, without spending a single paisa on the expenses.
When these extremely powerful officials are claiming that these websites are owned by their lazy young girlfriends, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, kalpita nabar, nayanshree hathwar, riddhi caro, and others just ask them why this statement is published online.
when these officials are drawing a very good salary from the government, why do they want to shamelessly and greedily exploit the real webmaster of this webmaster, who is spending her hardearned money on all the website expenses, while these girlfriends are not doing anything, but enjoying great privileges and powers at the expenses of the webmaster.
Are these officials bribed by tata and google to make these false claims, or do they have skins thicker than rhinos, unaffected by all valid criticism, that they make these false claims continuously exploiting the real webmaters. If want to claim that they own this website, why dont they BUY the website paying their own hard earned money, instead of making FALSE claims about website ownership.

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