Nepotism rules

In the Indian internet industry some people think that experience/aptitude/hard work/skills do not matter, having an MBA/Computer science degree is important.
So when a person starts earning a significant amount of money from exports, they use different underhand tactics to force them to form a company with their inexperienced/mediocre/arrogant relatives/fronts.
These include:
1. Putting the person under surveillance for years
2. Stealing his/her laptop and documents
3. Intercepting/deleting/diverting emails and laptop files
4. Making false allegations encouraging blackmailers and extortionists.
5. Encouraging and supporting identity theft.

Expenses of a blog network

Many times the blog network owner does a lot of work, which will be otherwise have to be outsourced (and can be expensive)
Some of these overlooked expenses are:
1.Domain selection based on market demand.
2. webhosting selection
3. Webhosting optimization
4. Transfer of websites between different webhosts
5. Dealing with DDOS attacks
6. Answering hosting support tickets and restoring hacked websites
7. Selecting ad networks for monetization
8. Checking ad network performance
9. Finding direct customers
10. Marketing, answering queries from direct customers
11.Order fulfillment
12.Selection of vendors,Assigning work to vendors
13. Check work quality, making payments to vendors
14. Script selection
15. Script installation, maintenance and troubleshooting
16. Keeeping accounts, tracking sales and expenses
17. Computer and other hardware, software selection
18. Computer and other hardware maintenance, troubleshooting
19. Doing market research to find out the latest trends
20. Admin tasks like bill payment, maintenance, repairs, arranging travel plans , tickets, cabs
In any organisations, the tasks of an employee are well defined and few employees will go out of the way to do the work assigned to others as he/she gets a fixed monthly salary. When they attempt to take over an online business (just because the owner works from home) by harassing incessantly and stealing her laptop, do they think they will match the above cost structure?

Design vs cost

While managing websites, the webmaster has to choose between design and cost. For building a blog network, the resources used by a single blog are to be minimized. So a basic wordpress blog (like this one) will take up only 15-20 MB of webspace initially and at least 4-5 blogs can be hosted in a single shared web hosting account. A shared web hosting account with unlimited addon domains can be used, and multiple blogs or websites installed.

However, a blog using graphics, multiple plugins and addons (e.g ) can use up to 50 MB web space in less than 3 months. For these blogs/websites, it is advisable to use shared hosting with a single domain name, as they also use other resources like CPU and memory. Having multiple such blogs on a single basic web hosting account may lead to overusage of resources and penalties.