Chinese vs Indian internet population

Chinese internet population reaches 632 million

This is more than twice the Indian internet population because of the extreme greed, dishonesty and corruption of extremely powerful officials , where officials are extremely ungrateful to domain investors and webmasters who spend their hard earned money online on domains and webhosting .

The extremely powerful and ignorant officials and families in the internet industry who do not have the honesty and humility to even understand the business model of webmasters who invest large amounts online, will threaten to freeze all the savings of the webmaster by falsely calling it a “gift business”, subject experienced webmasters to sexual harassment and persecution for several years in a very greedy attempt to become very rich overnight.

These extremely powerful and ignorant officials and families, sponsored by google, and tata, will subject experienced webmaster to numerous identity theft attempts, get fake references of twenty years experience for their lazy fraud relatives and friends like siddhi mandrekar, who actually has no experience, to appoint the cheater siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar, to extremely lucrative positions in intelligence agencies with great powers at the expense of experienced webmasters. Other frauds like nayanshree hathwar, who cheat experienced webmasters of their hard earned money are also rewarded for cheating with lucrative government jobs by their powerful relatives, again at the expense of the webmaster, who she has cheated.
Another extremely powerful official is extremely infatuated with a lazy slim young woman bsc pass named sunaina, goa and deludes himself that she was his engineering college classmate, when sunaina is twenty years younger than him. When ebay wanted to be introduced to his classmate, this dishonest greedy official who hates his real classmate, introduced his darling sunaina to ebay as the ebay customer, to get his beloved sunaina great powers and privileges at the expense of his real classmate, who was an ebay customer for nearly ten years. The fraud cheater sunaina does not have even an ebay account but greedily wants to steal privileges from the webmaster because of her fraud dishonest cheater boyfriend who is cruelly and mercilesly exploiting a single woman who he hates.

Other similar cheaters online are riddhi caro, sunaina, asmita patel,ruchika kinger and others, who do not spend any money online, but get great powers and privileges further exploiting the webmaster. Google and Tata, show their true colours, lack of ethics, when encourage protect and support these powerful greedy dishonest officials to cruelly and ruthlessly exploit the real stakeholders spending money online, to benefit their lazy girlfriends whose only contribution to the indian internet industry is sexual favors to officials who matter.

The powerful indian officials will never acknowledge or help their real customers, instead rewarding all cheaters who betray the customers. these ungrateful officials will falsely spread rumours that the money is spent by the nri relatives of the real domain investors to shower these relatives with great powers and privileges. In reality, the relatives only spend their money on real estate , but the short sighted, greedy and ungrateful officials and internet companies will shower the nri REAL ESTATE investors with great powers, lucrative assignments,who are spending NOTHING online, while doing everything possible to cause great losses to the real domain investors, webmasters, destroy their lives. Nowhere in the world can one find such ungrateful dishonest greedy shortsighted officials, eager to destroy the life of stakeholders.

In contrast, most chinese invest large amounts in domain names, and currently short domain names are in great demand in the the chinese market . It is extremely difficult for an indian domain investor to find indian buyers for domain names, as powerful greedy dishonest officials will try to frame the domain investor, abusing their powers to defame and exploit the investor, to get the domains free. Thus indian domain investors are forced to lead a life of a recluse.

When indian government officials are so unfair, greedy and dishonest, with experienced webmasters and domain investors, there is no incentive to continue to spend much money or time only. To expose these shamless liar officials and their cheater girlfriends, webmasters in India are forced to post disclaimers on all their websites. Few can afford to waste their retirement savings on greedy dishonest officials and their lazy young cheater friends, who will never even admit their mistake.

Decline in computer sales in India

The newspapers are reporting a significant decline in computer sales in India based on a Gartner study, the number indicate that sales are about 20% lower in the last year. While the decrease in assembled computers is lower at 10%, for laptop sales there has been a decline of 27%. Indian companies like HCL and Wipro are no longer manufacturing laptops, while others have greatly reduced their laptop purchases. While this is officially been attributed to increase in sales of tablets and smartphone, the real reason is the rampant corruption in the IT sector which exploits small business owners. There is no transparency at all, as certain privileged government officials abuse their powers to make unauthorised changes to the laptops of harmless civilians, for identity theft purposes and to promote their undeserving young girlfriends and relatives.

Many corrupt individuals with powerful backers at the government level exploit the backdoors in the software and hardware, to frame innocent individuals. These are extremely cruel, vicious animals in human form, who will misuse the information and knowledge they have to take control of the computer using loopholes in the operating system, commit cybercrimes, and then blame a completely innocent person. Many of the largest internet and software compares are not interested in penalizing these human animals, who harass innocent customers, they take sadistic pleasure in framing the innocent computer user.

Initially, not many people are aware of the nasty tricks of these hackers, but as the number of incidents increase, people become increasingly wary of buying and using laptops and computers. After all who want to lose his or her hard earned money , even if he or she is completely innocent, because of the malicious cybercriminals. Who wants his or her reputation ruined for actions he is not responsible in any way? More and more companies are reverting to paper storage, keeping their records in files. It may be time consuming and inconvenient, but at least no one is wrongly framed, and no innocent person is penalized.

These vicious human animals are extremely merciless in framing an innocent person and spread extremely nasty rumours about the person. Many officials will also steal confidential information from computer users and misuse it. Earlier people did not realise the gravity of the situation, but now these problems are linked almost exclusively to laptop use and abuse of powers. Till the laptop manufacturers lobby to end this nuisance by government officials, laptop owners will postpone the purchase of a new laptop or computer to the extent possible. The greatest threat is faced by laptop owners when they are connected to the internet, so internet usage should be minimized, if the connection is not very secure.

Probably the biggest problem is the lack of transparency, if a person finds that his or her laptop is hacked using a hidden government frequency there is no redressal mechanism. In any other sector, it is relatively easy to initiate action against a person who is misusing his or her powers, even the prime minister or president can be taken to court. In this sector, some people can do whatever they wish, and are extremely confident that they will never be penalized or their misdeeds will affect their career.

Takeover tactics used by internet companies in India

These are some of the takeover tactics used by internet companies in India, which are backed by factual evidence.
Put the business owner under surveillance for many years for unknown reasons, the person has no privacy or human rights at all.
Phone calls/SMSes tapped, monitored, intercepted, emails, stolen internet browsing monitored, files deleted from hard disk remotely, all passwords known.
Misuse the surveillance to change passwords, emails of web hosting accounts as soon as payments are made for several years.
Internet(ISP) connections are blocked .
Processing of applications for landline phone connections are delayed.
Retirement savings of over 20 years will go “missing”
Identity theft is encouraged.
Frauds are encouraged to claim credit for work they have never done.
It is difficult to sell advertising directly, since frauds shamelessly claim that the websites are theirs when their actual contribution towards website expenses is zero.

Unfortunately most of the companies and individuals using these tactics conveniently remain hidden, making it extremely difficult for the targeted business owner to fight back

Nepotism rules

In the Indian internet industry some people think that experience/aptitude/hard work/skills do not matter, having an MBA/Computer science degree is important.
So when a person starts earning a significant amount of money from exports, they use different underhand tactics to force them to form a company with their inexperienced/mediocre/arrogant relatives/fronts.
These include:
1. Putting the person under surveillance for years
2. Stealing his/her laptop and documents
3. Intercepting/deleting/diverting emails and laptop files
4. Making false allegations encouraging blackmailers and extortionists.
5. Encouraging and supporting identity theft.

Online reality

Before investing any money online, one should be aware of the following facts
1.Companies stoop to any level to acquire “talent”, many lack decency and humanity.
2. Experience is not valued, small business owners who have spent lakhs of rupees on research are expected to “like” a person and teach him or her for free.
3.Email interception is rampant in India, so time spent in email marketing is a waste for some individuals/companies
4. Persons who make blatantly false and defamatory allegations online without proof about financial matters receive widespread support, but if a person changes his or her mind while shopping or even enquiries about prices without making a purchase, he or she is a cheater.
5. All online activities are very closely monitored.
6. It is always better to have direct customers, otherwise online business owners are framed so that their revenues are “gifts” from their relatives or from forex trading . Ad networks may be convenient but using them extensively could ruin a person’s finances and health.