The hypocrisy of online companies in India

This is the true life story of an online investor/webmaster in India who has spent $200,000 of her own hard earned money with different registrars, web hosting and ecommerce companies.
She is put under surveillance for years and her personal financial information is leaked to extortionists and blackmailers.
She is expected to form a company with relatives and wives of powerful people.
The wives and relatives have spent their money on gold, jewellery, vehicles and posh houses, almost nothing online.
Yet, the partnership is expected to be 50-50.
Will their wives/relatives give the webmaster 50% of their gold, jewellery, vehicles and posh houses ?
No, never!
But if the webmaster does not give a 50% stake in her business, they’ll make her life miserable, harass her continuously, make false accusations against her, poison her food.

The other option of these internet companies is to force her to form a family business with family members who refuse to take her phone calls or help her in any way when she is being stalked by criminals and who have not helped her at all in the business.

Most engineering companies remain proprietorships, because the owner has skills and knowledge which few others have.
Unfortunately in Indian internet industry, few are honest enough to acknowledge the merit and experience of a webmaster, they have no qualms taking credit for work they do not do.

Added bonus: We’ll help a fraud who has invested her money in jewellery, real estate and gold(and almost nothing online) steal the investors webmaster’s identity and savings, we worship the ground on which the fraud walks.
We’ll lie about our identity to the webmaster, we don’t think honesty is important.
That is the message from the powerful people in the Indian internet industry, we help mediocrity and frauds flourish, there is no place for merit.

Why is there no person with the vision or foresight to think beyond his own personal gain?

Online reality

Before investing any money online, one should be aware of the following facts
1.Companies stoop to any level to acquire “talent”, many lack decency and humanity.
2. Experience is not valued, small business owners who have spent lakhs of rupees on research are expected to “like” a person and teach him or her for free.
3.Email interception is rampant in India, so time spent in email marketing is a waste for some individuals/companies
4. Persons who make blatantly false and defamatory allegations online without proof about financial matters receive widespread support, but if a person changes his or her mind while shopping or even enquiries about prices without making a purchase, he or she is a cheater.
5. All online activities are very closely monitored.
6. It is always better to have direct customers, otherwise online business owners are framed so that their revenues are “gifts” from their relatives or from forex trading . Ad networks may be convenient but using them extensively could ruin a person’s finances and health.