Website development, maintenance = no experience?

One of the most disgusting aspects of working online in India is how some of the larger companies treat their customers. Most of the large internet companies have a dedicated customer support/technical department and the employees working there will be considereed to having work experience as long as they come to office. However, a small business owner who builds/maintains his or her own website(s) for more than 10 years is considered to be having no experience.
domain registration = happens automatically (magic!)
webhosting = happens automatically (magic!)
website content = happens automatically (magic!)
maintenance = happens automatically (magic!)
website monetization = happens automatically (magic!)
If the small business owner refuses to accept that he or she has no experience, he/she is put under surveillance for years in a bid to destroy the business, important documents stolen. The surveillance makes it extremely difficult to hire anyone, find/retain customers or new vendors, the only recourse is legal action.