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Please note that the blog directed has been moved to Webhosting, Domain name, internet news

 As we are engineers and online publishers, we were not aware of the unusual rules of the online world, especially .com domains, expired domains,  open source software and mySQL databases.  Despite the webmasters repeated request for information, no one provided the details as people are very secretive. Hence we supply whatever the market demands.

 Apparently in india's internet world, important information will be provided and  all important government positions are reserved for the lazy liar mediocre young girlfriends and relatives of powerful officials who do not do any work, but want to take credit. A single woman webmaster will find it very difficult to get the information which is readily provided to women from well connected families, and has to make mistakes, to learn the hard way, with her reputation affected. These women like bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar,  have also cheated the webmaster of more than 1.1 lakh, goa diploma holder siddhi mandrekar has commited corporate espionage, bsc stalker sunaina who are supported by powerful men, have exploited the webmaster, to get great benefits at her expense. Bangalore cybercrime refuses to take legal action against nayanshree hathwar.Names may have changed

These powerful officials will abuse the confidential information only they have access to, to ensure that script and software do not work as expected, especially wordpress and mysql database websites for the single woman to cause her losses . The harsh reality was known only after we had spent a lot of time and money using mysql database software with our domains , with many customers having purchased advertising. Now we are reverting to static HTML websites, which are easier to troubleshoot, as there are fewer backdoors.

If any kind person can provide a formal guide on the restrictions on using mysql databases, expired domains, open source software online,  kindly send the link.

We offer page rank domain list for keywords, short domains, for SEO companies for link building purposes. We also offer domains for sale with Domain authority 10+ , or on the basis of other parameters like alexa rank, number of backlinks, and other parameters. A large inventory of domains for sale will be sent on request.

 Indexed .info, .biz, and .in keyword and PR domains are available in bulk at a very nominal price for link building /SEO /traffic purposes

Kindly note that the domains may get deindexed any time, due to factors beyond our control. Free push to a free account with the registrar. The promotional pricing will be available for a limited time period.
Please indicate your bulk requirement for the domains, any specific keyword or letter or length and we can provide the same by sending an email to   .  We accept payment by Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Payza, Webmoney,Perfect Money and NEFT for Indian customers

We promise a no stress sale of the domain names we have in our inventory  and can provide references of our many customers all over the world,  who have purchased the domains from us.The domain will be transferred to the buyer within 24 hours of receipt of the payment

For feedback or to request any additional information please send an email to or or use the contact form
 We accept payment by Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney and through NEFT transfer/cheque. Email address and/or bank details for making payment available on request. 


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